Janeway, Kathryn
Current status
Status On Duty
Citizenship United Federation of Planets
Domicile USS Voyager
Profession Starfleet officer
   Assignment Commanding officer
   Rank Captain
   Division Command
   Assigned to USS Voyager
Personal information
Species Human
Date of birth May 20th, 2335
Place of birth

EarthBloomington.gif (8689 Byte)

Bloomington, Indiana, Earth

Father Edward Janeway (dec.)
Mother Gretchen Janeway
Siblings Sister Phoebe Janeway
Marital status Unmarried
Children None
Career summary
2353 Entered Starfleet Academy
2357 Graduation from Starfleet Academy with a degree in quantum cosmology
2357-58 Ensign; Junior science officer on USS Icarus during the one year Arias expedition
2358 Participation in test flight of ship prototype Terra Nova to Tau Ceti
Science officer on USS Al-Batani
2364 Promotion to captain; First command USS Billings
2371 Commanding officer of USS Voyager

Psychological profile
Stärken High scientic-technical skills and profound education; rational humanistic view; good command abilities; sensitive, personal interaction with crew while maintaining at least the minimum of professional distance; exceptional commitment for the well-being of her crew, in case of need even risking her own life; repeatedly succeeds to develop brilliant, unconventional solutions for seemingly hopeless situations and unresolvable problems (cf. weaknesses)
Weaknesses Problems with military-tactical field in younger years; often quite loose interpretation of the Starfleet protocols, based on personal motives (guilt, former losses), in order to achieve her goals (e.g. to bring ship and crew home safe and sound); difficulties in accepting inevitable strokes, e.g. the death of a crew member, with professional distance - instead she tries to help and rescue everything and everybody by all means, even if it seems impossible.
Anomalies 2358 long-standing trauma after crash on Tau Ceti Prime and drowning of her father as well as her husband-to-be, allegedly because of her unassertive reaction.
2371 long-standing feelings of guilt since when Voyager stranded in the Delta quadrant, she couldn't bring her crew home and protect the Ocampa at once (moral dilemma; conflict between personal responsibility and humanist education)
Interests Music - Listen to classical music (Mahler, Tschaikowsky)
Literature - Prose and poems of 19th century, including works of Dante Aligieri (La Vita Nuova, Inferno) and Jonathan Swift
Arts - Interests in ancient sculptures and classic scientific instruments (sextants etc.)
Sports - Playing tennis, diving and skiing

Curriculum vitae
   May 20th Kathryn Janeway is born to Edward and Gretchen Janeway in a rural community near Bloomington, Indiana, Earth.
2339 Her mathematic abilities, inherited from her mother, a graduated mathemtician, become obvious when four year old Kathryn solves a difficult mathematical problem.
Kathryn's sister Phoebe is born.
2344 With nine years, Kathryn leaves Earth for the first time to accompany her father to an inspection of the defensive systems of the Mars colony. It is also her first shuttle flight, and her first visit of the Mars colony. She is guided through the colony by cadet Data, who has accompanied the inspection team.
2349 During the summer vacation of the Janeways on Mars, 14 year old Kathryn nearly drowns in a Martian quarry lake, in which she has dived without permission together with Mark Hobbes Johnson, in order to find an access to the subterran caves of Olympus Mons.
Kathryn wins an important price in mathematics.
2349-53 Kathryn attends   the Academy institute in Indiana, as a 4 year preparation on the Starfleet Academy. Inspired by her father and Shannon O'Donnell, one of her ancestors in the 21st century who paved the way for the settlement of Mars, Kathryn decides to pursue a scientific career in Starfleet. During her time at the institute, Kathryn creates a disseration on the anatomy of vertebrates.
2353 After graduating from the preparation school, Janeway enters Starfleet Academy, focusing on science. She moves to a Academy dorm in San Francisco.
During a diving expedition exploring the subterran caves of Olympus Mons on Mars, the young cadet makes a significant paleonthologic discovery, a indigenious chordate, leading to a scientific controversy concerning the evolution of life on Mars.
2355 Cadet Janeway manages to win Admiral Own Paris, the father of the future Lt. Paris, as adviser for her first big Academy dissertation on massive compact halo objects. In the course of the next years, they become good friends.
2357 Janeway graduates from Starfleet Academy with a degree in quantum cosmology.
Ensign Janeway is assigned to the USS Icarus, commanded by Admiral Paris, as a junior science officer.
2357-58 During the one year Arias expedition, whose goal is studying massive compact halo objects, but also includes the intelligence assignment to observe the hostile Cardassians, Janeway is abducted and maltreated by them. Just as Admiral Paris, who has been tortured by the Cardassians, she is rescued by crew members of the Icarus. After the mission's end Ensign Janeway receives a mention for bravery and a promotion from Starfleet command.
2358 Janeway takes part in the first long range test flight of a ship prototype developed by her father Edward Janeway at Utopia Planitia. The destination is the near Tau Ceti system. When her father, ship constructor and respected Starfleet Admiral at that time, drowns after the crash of the ship under the polar ice caps of Tau Ceti Prime, Janeway suffers from a severe emotional trauma. Many months she cannot overcome the grief because of the death of her father. In this difficult times, Kathryn is supported by her mother and particularly by her sister Phoebe.
2359 Janeway enters a six month command training program and subsequently returns to active duty.
In the following years, Kathryn Janeway serves as commanding science officer aboard the USS Al-Batani, again under Admiral Paris.
2364 Kathryn Janeway is promoted to captain; her first command is the USS Billings. She goes on a six month mission to the Beta quadrant to study micro-second pulars.
2365 After successfully accomplishing her first mission as a captain, Janeway routinely has to face an investigative commission, consisting of her former mentor Admiral Paris, Admiral Finnegan and Admiral Nechayew. Due to flaws in the execution of military trainings and inspections, Ensign Tuvok, who did the tactical analysis for the commission and wants to return to active duty, is assigned to her ship as the new tactical officer. Although Janeway therefore has problems with him in the beginning, a close friendship developes between them in the next few years.
2368 Janeway is with her respected friend Tuvok on Vulcan, where he obtains a Vulcan meditation lamp from a Vulcan master, an important accessory for every Vulcan.
2371 Captain Janeway assumes command of the new USS Voyager.
   Shortly after the commissioning of the USS Voyager, Captain Janeway makes a last inspection tour through the ship, which is still in the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. She is guided by Admiral Patterson, with whom she discusses the first mission, the search for a maquis ship lost in the Badlands, which has Janeway's security chief Tuvok aboard as undercover agent, from Deep Space Nine. Janeway requests that Tom Paris, whose career and its unpleasent end she has pursued due to her close friendship with his father, is released from the penalty colony in New Zealand, gets a second chance and becomes her pilot for the mission. The Admiral promises to do his best, however, finally Tom Paris accompanies the mission only as "observer", though he will be released after the mission has been accomplished-
Janeway travels with Voyager to the station Deep Space Nine, where the first mission is about to begin.
   SD 48315 After Voyager has left DS9 heading for the Badlands, Captain Janeway, the ship and all other crew members are taken to the Delta Quadrant by a displacement wave. While her First Officer and many other senior officers are killed, Captain Janeway survives the journey across the Galaxy.
   SD 54973.4 Due to the collaboration of Captain Janeway and Admiral Janeway, who has returned from the year 2403 in order to bring Voyager home quickly and safely, a crippling blow is dealt to the Borg - the Unicomplex and the Borg transwarp network are destroyed -, however, Voyager still manages to use one of the transwarp conduits to return to Earth. Admiral Janeway has been assimilated more or less volunteeringly, infecting the Borg queen with a neural pathogen, and dies when the Unicomplex is destroyed after the death of the queen. She has made the ultimate and largest sacrifice for her ship, her crew and their homecoming. Yet, the crew owes much thanks to Captain Janeway since this "double whammy" and the actual return of Voyager to Earth safe and sound due to a final, desparate plan was only possible because of her keenness, courage and also persuasiveness. After nearly seven years in the Delta Quadrant, Kathryn Janeway has brought her crew home.