Rozhenko, Alexander
Current status
Status On duty
Domicile IKS Rotarran
Citizenship Klingon Empire
Profession Officer of the Klingon Defense Forces
   Assignment Sensor observance
   Rank Bek
   Assigned to IKS Rotarran
Personal information
Species Klingon-Human hybride
(75% to 25%)
Year of birth 2359
Membership House of Mogh
House of Martok (ab 2374)
Father Worf
Mother K'Ehleyr (dec.)
Curriculum vitae
2359 Alexander is born to K'Ehleyr and Worf on the 43rd day of Mak'tag. Both had a short-lived romance in the same year. K'Ehleyr decides to tell Worf nothing about his son at the moment since she wants to raise him according to human tradition.
   SD 44246 Alexanders gets to know his father for the first time when he and his mother visit Worf aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Shortly afterwards, his mother is murdered by Duras when she reveals a long kept secret. Worf asks his stepparents Helena and Sergey Rozhenko to raise Alexander on Earth, as he sees no way to raise his son on the Enterprise.
   SD 45376 Helena Rozhenko takes Alexander back to Worf when she doesn't get along with his emerging Klingon temper anymore. After intial difficulties to get along with his son who has nearly become a stranger to him, he decides to teach him the knowledge and abilities of a Klingon warrior.  Despite all efforts of his father, however, Alexander continues to reject the Klingon culture completely due to the education of his mother.
   SD 47779 After his father failed to make Alexander practise for the Rite of Ascension, an absolute requirement for the career of a Klingon warrior, he accepts that Alexander will choose his own, non-Klingon path. Shortly afterwards, he sends him back to his stepparents.
   March After having been separated from his father for 4 years, Alexander has decided to face his Klingon heritage himself - without the half-hearted attempts of his father, whom he hates for never having really cared about him. Despite the initial objections of Worf's stepparents, Alexander enters the Klingon Defense Force and because of the beginning of the Dominion War, he is transferred to the IKS Rotarran as a replacement officer. There, he unfortunately meets his father, who is his superior as First Officer. He dislikes and defies him in the beginning, but finally reconciles with Worf and accepts his help for learning the Klingon martial arts in particular and way of life in general. Like Wof, he becames a member of the House of Martok and assumes the Klingon name "Alexander, son of Worf".