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Season 1

001./002. Emissary Jan 1st, 1993 46379.1

Cmd. Sisko  becomes the Emissary when he discovers the wormhole of the Prophets.

003. Past Prologue Jan 9th, 1993

Kira has to choose loyalties between Cmd. Sisko and her old Terrorist friends.

004. A Man Alone Jan 16th, 1993 46421.5

Odo is suspected to be responsible for the mysterious  murder of an old enemy.

005. Babel Jan 23rd, 1993 46423.7

A forgotten device of Bajoran terrorists causes a deadly disease.

006. Captive Pursuit Jan 30th, 1993

The first visitor from the wormhole is discovered to be the prey of a hunting species.

007. Q-Less Feb 6th, 1993 46531.2

After the archeologist Vash, the omnipotent Q appears on the space station.

008. Dax Feb 13th, 1993 46910.1

Jadzia is accused for a murder of her former host Curzon Dax.

009. The Passenger Feb 20th, 1993

A cunning criminal takes over Dr. Bashir's mind shortly before his death.

010. Move Along Home Mar 13th, 1993

During first contact with an alien species, the Crew becomes trapped in a deadly game.

011. The Nagus Mar 20th, 1993

When the old Nagus Zek dies surprisingly, Quark is declared his successor.

012. Vortex Apr 17th, 1993

A criminal offers information on Odo's unknown people in exchange of his freedom.

013. Battle Lines Apr 24th, 1993

On a moon, an crashed away team discovers two species fighting each other for centuries.

014. The Story Teller May 1st, 1993 46729.1

As the new story teller of a Bajoran village, O'Brien has to fight against an energy being.

015. Progress May 8th, 1993 46844.3

Kira has to persuade an old, stubborn farmer to leave his home for the sake of progress.

016. If Wishes Were Horses May 15th, 1993 46853.2

After deviations of the surrounding Thoron field, the secret wishes of the crew become reality.

017. The Forsaken May 22th, 1993 46925.1

Bashir has to get along with three moody ambassadors, Odo with Lwaxana Troi.

018. Dramatis Personae May 29th, 1993 46922.3

Influenced by an alien matrix, the crew has to fight an old battle of power once again.

019. Duet Jun 12th, 1993

Kira has to deal with an alleged Cardassian war criminal.

020. In the Hands of the Prophets Jun 19th, 1993 46975.1

On Deep Space Nine, Vedek Winn tries to push through her  beliefs by all means.

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