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Season 1

001./002. Encounter at   Farpoint Sept 28th, 1987 41153.7

Durings its travel to Deneb IV, the new Enterprise encounters an omnipotent being called Q that puts humanity on trial.

003. The Naked Now Oct 5th, 1987 41209.2

Searching for the Tsiolkovsky, the crew is infected with a virus which puts them into an intoxication-like condition.

004. Code of Honor Oct 12th, 1987 41235.3

The ruler of Ligon II who offers the Enterprise an urgently needed vaccine, kidnaps Tash Yar in order to make her his main wife.

005. The Last Outpost Oct 19th, 1987 41386.4

The Enterprise and a ship of the mysterious Ferengi are stuck in the Delphi Ardu system, which turns out to be an outpost of a long perished empire.

006. Where No One Has Gone Before Oct 26th, 1987 41263.1

The alien assistent of a warp field specialist who comes aboard to optimize the engines brings the Enterprise to regions where fantasy and reality merge.

007. Lonely Among Us Nov 2nd, 1987 41249.3

Passing a nebula, the Enterprise accidentally picks up an energy being which hides in the systems and controls several crew members.

008. Justice Nov 9th, 1987 41255.6

The shore leave on an idyllic, permissive planet becomes a death trap for Wesley Crusher when he accidentally trespasses the barriers and enters the lawn.

009. The Battle Nov 16th, 1987 41723.9

A Ferengi DaiMon offers Picard his old ship, the Stargazer, however, actually he wants to take revenge for the death of his son decades ago.

010. Hide and Q Nov 23rd, 1987 41590.5

Q returns, equipping Riker with the ultimate power of an omnipotent being, which however corrupts him, changing his relationship with the crew.

011. Haven Nov 30th, 1987 41294.5

Troi has to face her wedding, pre-arranged decades ago, with an up to now unknown man, while the Enterprise encounters a ship of the apparently not extinct Tarellians.

012. The Big Goodbye Jan 11th, 1988 41997.7

After a series of malfunctions, Picard, Data and Beverly are trapped in the holodeck in a simulation of the adventures of detective Dixon Hill.

013. Datalore Jan 18th, 1988 41242.4

Examining the circumstances of the destruction of the colony where Data was once found, the crew discovers a second android which turns out to be dangerous.

014. Angel One Jan 25th, 1988 41636.9

Riker, Tasha and Deanna are confronted with a society ruled by amazon-like women, when they search for a once crashed Federation vessel on Angel One.

015. 11001001 Feb 1st, 1988 41365.9

During maintenance on Starbase 74, the Enterprise is abducted by Bynars after the entire crew - except Picard and Riker - has been evacuated.

016. Too Short a Season Feb 8th, 1988 41309.5

Admiral Jameson comes aboard in order to mediate in a new conflict on Mordan IV, and becomes mysteriously younger and younger during the journey.

017. When the Bough Breaks Feb 15th, 1988 41509.1

The Enterprise discovers the legendary Aldea, whose inhabitants however kidnap the children of the crew as they can't have own ones anymore.

018. Home Soil Feb 22nd, 1988 41463.9

The Enterprise visits a terraforming station which reshapes a planet that is, as soon turns out, already populated by a completely new kind of life.

019. Coming of Age Mar 14th, 1988 41461.2

While Wesley Crusher faces the academy entrance test on Relva VII, a Starfleet officer comes aboard, apparently investigating on Picard and his violations of Starfleet regulations.

020. Heart of Glory Mar 21st, 1988 41503.7

An Enterprise away team rescues three Klingons from a freighter shortly before its destruction, that turn out to be outlwas which want to return to the old warlike way.

021. The Arsenal of Freedom Apr 11th, 1988 41798.2

Investigating on the fate of the Drake an away team on the planet Minos, and the Enterprise in orbit, are attacked by an increasingly more powerful weapon system.

022. Symbiosis Apr 18th, 1988

The crew discovers a planetary system in which there exists an unique symbiosis between two planets, which seems to be negative for the one species however.

023. Skin of Evil Apr 25th, 1988 41601.3

After the shuttle crash of Deanna Troi on Vagra II, an away team discovers a strange living black goo on the planet which calls itself the materialization of the ultimate evil.

024. We'll Always Have Paris May 2nd, 1988 41697.9

After a series of temporal abnormalities, the Enterprise receives a distress signal from a famous scientist whose wife had a short relationship with Picard years ago.

025. Conspiracy May 9th, 1988 41775.5

After some strange happenings and a warning concerning a conspiracy the Enterprise return to Earth, where the crew has to discover an alien infiltration of the highest instances of the Federation.

026. The Neutral Zone May 16th, 1988 41986.0

While Data discovers humans from the 20th century in an old cryo satellite, the crew faces a potential new threat by the Romulans.

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