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Season 1

001. The Cage -

Captain Pike is captivated by the Talosians and put into a world of illusions.

002. Where No Man Has Gone Before Sept 22nd, 1966 1312.4 After crossing the Great Barrier at the edge of the alaxy, Gary Mitchell evolves into a god-like being threatening the Enterprise.
003. The Corbomite Maneuver Nov 10th, 1966 1512.2

When the Enterprise is attacked by a vessel of the First Federation, Kirk has to put all his eggs in one basket.

004. Mudd's Women Oct 13th, 1966 1329.1

Harry Mudd is beamed to the Enterprise, accompanied by three beautiful women who are intended to become the wifes of miners.

005. The Enemy Within Oct 6th, 1966 1672.1

A transporter accident doubles Captain Kirk, who now exists twice - as a "good Kirk" and a "bad Kirk".

006. The Man Trap Sept 8th, 1966 1531.1

McCoy meets his former love which turns out to be an alien being nourishing from human body salts.

007. The Naked Time Sept 29th, 1966 1704.2

A landing party is infected with a virus that soon makes the entire crew let out their latent attitudes and emotions.

008. Charlie X Sept 15th, 1966 1533.6

An orphan comes aboard, causing severe damage with his mental abilities he learned from the Thasians.

009. Balance of Terror Dec 15th, 1966 1709.1

Outposts along the Neutral Zone are attacked by the Romulans, which look exactly like the Vulcans.

010. What Are Little Girls Made Of? Oct 20th, 1966 2712.4

Visiting Exo II, the crew discovers that Christine Chapel's ex-fiancee, Dr. Korby, has learned to produce perfect androids.

011. Dagger of the Mind Nov 3rd, 1966 2715.1

In the penal colony Tantalus, a new decive originally developed to heal mental disorders is used to control the hostages through violence.

012. Miri Oct 27th, 1966 2713.5

A landing party beams to a planet where all adults have been killed by a virus and only the children survived.

013. The Conscience of the king Dec 8th, 1966 2817.6

When a group of actors performs a play aboard the Enterprise, a dark secret is revelead that concerns both Kirk and the leading actor Karidian.

014. The Galileo Seven Jan 5th, 1967 2821.5

The Galileo is forced to land on an inhospitable planet where the shuttle crew has to fight for survival.

015. Court-Martial Feb 2nd, 1967 2947.3

On Starbase 12, Kirk is accused of having negliciently caused the death of Ben Finney during an ion storm.

016. The Menagerie I/II Nov 17th/24th, 1966 3012.4

To help his crippled former captain to live a normal life, Spock disobeys all orders, taking the Enterprise to Talos IV.

017. Shore Leave Dec 29th, 1966 3025.3

The shore leave on an idyllic planet gets problematic when the wishes of the crew become reality.

018. The Squire of Gothos Jan 12th, 1967 2124.5

A seemingly uninhabited planet emerges as the playground of a omnipotent being with a childlike character.

019. Arena Jan 19th, 1967 3045.6

Kirk and a Gorn captain are brought to a planet where they are forced to fight against each  other until one of them is killed.

020. The Alternative Factor Mar 30th, 1967 3087.6

The crew discovers a man whose counterpart from a parallel dimension pursues the annihilation of the universe.

021. Tomorrow is Yesterday Jan 26th, 1967 3113.2

The Enterprise is hurled back in time to the Earth of the 1960s, where  an Air Force Pilot mistakes the ship for an UFO.

022. The Return of the Archons Feb 9th, 1967 3156.2

Kirk, Spock and McCoy encounter a planet where individual and autonomous actions are porohibited by the sovereign.

023. A Taste of Armageddon Feb 23rd, 1967 3192.1

On Eminiar VII, the crew of the Enterprise becomes involved in a computer simulated, but still deadly war.

024. Space Seed Feb 16th, 1967 3141.9

After supermen frozen and banished from Earth centuries ago have been revived, they take over the Enterprise.

025. This Side of Paradise Mar 2nd, 1967 3417.6

Alien spores make humans on a certain planet live a paradisic, blissful, but unsubstantial life.

026. Devil in the Dark Mar 9th, 1967 3196.1

A creature that has killed more than 50 miners on Janus turns out to be a mother protecting her unborn offsprings.

027. Errand of Mercy Mar 23rd, 1967 3198.4

The open war between the Federation and the Klingons is stopped by the omnipotent Organians.

028. The City On the Edge of Forever Apr 6th, 1967 3134.0

To rescue McCoy, Kirk and Spock return to the 1930s where the captain has to sacrifice his love to restore the future.

029. Operation: Annihilate! Apr 13th, 1967 3287.2

Investigating on the outbreak of mass insanity on Deneva, Spock is infected by an alien parasite.

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