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Season 5

094. Night Oct 14th, 1998 52081.2

Voyager travels through the Void,  a vast region of space without stars or planets, affecting the crew's moral.

095. Drone Oct 21st, 1998

Due to a transporter accident, Seven's nanoprobes and the mobile emitter react and form a superior kind of Borg.

096. Extreme Risk Oct 28th, 1998

B'Elanna works off her grief concerning the extinction of the Maquis by running dangerous holodeck programs.

097. In the Flesh Nov 4th, 1998 52136.4

Species 8472 simulates the Starfleet HQ, training for the planned  invasion of Earth.

098. Once Upon A Time Nov 11th, 1998

When Naomi's mother gets lost with the Delta Flyer, Neelix takes the young girl to the holodeck to distract her.

099. Timeless Nov 18th, 1998 52143.6

Die Voyager nutzt den Quantum-Slipstream Antrieb - mit schlimmen Folgen. 

100. Infinite Regress Nov 25th, 1998 52356.2

Due to a Borg vinculum, Seven relives the lifes of dozens of  assimilated persons in her mind.

101. Nothing Human Dec 2nd, 1998

When B'Elanna is attacked by a non-humanoid being, the methods of an unethical exobiologist are needed.

102. Thirty Days  Dec 9th, 1998 52179.4

Voyager discovers an ocean floating in space that gradually loses containment due to the exploitation of its inhabitants.

103. Counterpoint Dec 16th, 1998

Voyager travels through the space of the xenophobic Devore, illegally hiding several telepaths.

104. Latent Image Jan 20th, 1999

The doctor discovers that somebody altered his program and deleted the memories of a controversial decision.

105. Bride of Chaotica! Jan 27th, 1999 Photonic aliens from another dimension accidentally arrive in Tom's SF holo novel, taking the simulation for real.
106. Gravity Feb 3rd, 1999 52438.9

Stranded on a planet where the time is slowed down, Tuvok gets on close terms with a woman.

107. Bliss Feb 10th, 1999 52542.3

A vast being living in space devours Voyager, getting the crew to believe it were a wormhole to Sector 001.

108. Dark Frontier I Feb 17th, 1999

When the crew plans to steal a transwarp coil, Seven has to return to the Collective to prevent the assimilation of Voyager.

109. Dark Frontier II Feb 17th, 1999 52619.2

A team of Voyager departs with the Delta Flyer to rescue Seven of Nine from the Borg Queen's Unimatrix One.

110. Disease Feb 24th, 1999

After having had intimate relations,  Harry becomes chemically attached to an alien woman.

111. Course: Oblivion Mar 3rd, 1999 52586.3

The second Voyager crew, created on the "Demon" planet, fights against the inevitable decline.

112. The Fight Mar 24th, 1999

While Voyager is captured in  chaotic space, Chakotay experiences visions in which he has to win a box fight against a mysterious alien.

113. Think Tank Mar 31st, 1999

A group of thinkers has a high fee for their help against some bounty hunters who want to destroy Voyager : Seven.

114. Juggernaut Apr 26th, 1999

A garbage scow of the Malon is in danger to explode and contaminate the entire sector.

115. Someone To Watch Over Me Apr 28th, 1999 52647.0

While the doctor prepares Seven for her first date, he himself falls in love for her.

116. 11:59 May 5th, 1999

Captain Janeway explores the relation of a ancestor to the Millenium Gate built around the year 2000.

117. Relativity May 12th, 1999 52861.3

Seven travels back to the year 2371 in order to defuse a temporal bomb on Voyager.

118. Warhead May 19th, 1999

The crew of Voyager tries to prevent the explosion of an intelligent bomb that has taken over the doctor.

119. Equinox I May 26th, 1999

Voyager encounters the USS Equinox, whose crew powers the warp core with an alien species partially consisting of antimatter.

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