Borg Unicomplex

Type Decentralized space structure
Classification Center of the Borg collective
Affiliation Borg collective
Status Operational
Description Although in the extensive Borg space, there are probably many similiar space structures, especially with regard to the decentraliced structure of the Borg collective, the Unicomplex seems to be the largest and most important Borg conurbation. In fact, the Unicomplex, that is located in a red gaseous nebula, probably in the heart of Borg space and approximately in the middle of the area between the Nekrit expanse and the Krenim empire, is a kind of center or starting point of the Borg collective. First, the Queen's chamber with the central alcove is situated here. From this location, the Borg queen coordinates all Borg activities and monitors the less important assimilations she needn't to supervise personally on the spot. Furthermore, Unimatrix One, the most important unit of drones which is close to the Borg queen, operates from the central complex, a huge, self-contained structure within the decentralized   Unicomplex, which appears to be very chaotic at first glance. The latter one consists of millions of integrated sub-structures populated by trillions of Borg drones. The  exterior as well as the interior of the Unicomplex resemble the Borg cube and sphere, and the sub-structures are equipped with the same technology: alcoves, collective-supporting systems and defensive systems. Beside the fixed structures   which are interconnected by a transportation infrastructure that can transport drones from one place to another very quickly, hundreds of Borg cubes and spheres are assigned to the extensive area of the Unicomplex that establish a connection between   the latter one and the other parts of Borg space.
Galaxy Milky Way

mwUnicomplex.gif (23201 Byte)

Quadrant Delta
Location Center of Borg space
Borg coordinates Space grid 0
Distances 67000 ly from Earth



Dimensions Unknown
Mass Unknown
Structure Millions of integrated sub-structures with one central complex in which the Queen's chamber with the central alcove is situated.


Queen's chamber Borg alcoves for trillions of drones

Visual scan

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      Unicomplex2.jpg (17166 Byte)

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Technical specifications
Power supply Unknown
Technical equipment Borg vinculi
Neuro-electrical generators
Borg alcoves
Defensive systems Deflector and damping field projects
Plasma weapons
   August Threatening Seven of Nine to assimilate the crew of the USS Voyager, the Borg queen succeeds in kidnapping Seven to the Unicomplex without resistance. There, she tries to reintregrate Seven in the collective without transforming her back to a drone, and to assimilate not only her knowledge and experience, but also the distinctiveness of her individuality.
   Stardate 52619.2 The crew of the USS Voyager starts a rescue mission for Seven of Nine. With the Delta Flyer, which has been equipped with a stolen transwarp coil, an away team arrives the Unicomplex. While the Delta Flyer remains undiscovered due to its multi-adaptive shields, Captain Janeway manages to get in the central complex. She suceeds in freeing Seven of Nine from the queen's chamber by destroying the central alcove, therefore deactivating the damping field around the chamber. Unicomplex_2375b.jpg (3274 Byte)