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The Media Library, the extensive multimedia download area of the Star Trek Dimension, offers in several thematically arranged sections the most beautiful soundtracks and music files, one of the largest collections of sound effects and background noises in the internet, pictures archives on pivotal events and episodes as well as some special Star Trek tidbits. Therefore, the selection of pictures and sound files is optimized on uniqueness and high quality. These notes will tell you how to use the Media Library properly, but particularly, they contain some facts on the applied formats, their quality and the recommended viewers or players.

How to use the Media Library
Multimedia formats


How to use the Media Library

First, choose one of the sections on the Media Library main page (in the bar menu: "Overview"), which determines at once the type of the multimedia files. The three sound effect subsections, "Music" and "Specials" contain sound files in different formats, while you will find compressed JPEG files and archives in the "Screenshots", "Wallpapers" and "Scans" sections.

Within the sections, you can download single files very quickly via an interface similiar to the Windows 98 Explorer by clicking on one of the mini pictures or file titles. Click the left mouse button to open a file for immediate play/display. Click the right button and choose "Save destination as ..." in the context menu to save it permanently. The multimedia files are usually categorized according to their topic, type, affiliation etc.. Below each group, a status line is displayed which shows the overall size of an entire category.


Multimedia formats

The following tables give information on the file size, quality and recommended players for the media formats used in the Media Library.

Sound files

Format Full name Quality Compression File size Channels Bit rate
WAV WAVE-PCM maximum none very large mono / stereo 353 / 706 kbps
RA Real Audio 3.0 good high small mono 40 - 80 kbps
RA G2 Real Audio G2 good very high very small mono 32 kbps
MP3 MPEG Layer III very good high medium stereo 48 - 80 kbps

As the Windows standard format, WAVE files can be played with each sound application. An appropriate plugin should have been already installed with your internet browser. To play Real Audio files, you need at least the Real Player 3.0, for the Real Audio G2 files at least the Real Player G2 (6.0). MPEG files can be played with the Microsoft Windows Media Player.


Picture files

Format Quality Definition Herkunft / Typ
JPEG Level I excellent Photo scanned from magazines or books
JPEG Level II very good Screenshot from television
JPEG Level III acceptable Screenshot from VHS video

JPEG files can be displayed with your internet browser or every common image editor.


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