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Do you like the Star Trek Dimension? Do you have questions, remarks and suggestions or maybe criticism? Then please mail to the Star Trek Dimension feedback area.

However, you can also visit the Your Dimension, the message board of the Star Trek Dimension, which also includes an own forum for the Star Trek Dimension. Where, you can exchange opinions or post wishes, ideas and questions, which are regularly answered by the webmaster.


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Do you want to get to know a big long-term Star Trek Fan? Do you wanna talk about episodes, movies, Treknology etc.? Or do you have questions to a real Star Trek expert? Then write an e-mail to the author quickly!


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Would you like to help extending this extensive project by some own work? Do you have facts, texts, pictures or sound you would share with me? Or do you want to join the LCARS database project or an other Dimension project or help translating this site into English? Then please write the author. Every tribute will be appreciated.


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For all of you who do not like to write a long e-mail, but nevertheless would like to submit their thoughts and opinions or would to like to introduce their own Star Trek website, I have designed this form. Simply fill out the fields of the questions you would like to answer, and  sent the form by clicking "Beam me up"!

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