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Dec 20th, 1999 Announcement of year 2000 special with countdown added
There won't be further updates in the year 1999 any more, but currently, I'm prepraring a big update with many surprises for the very special new year which will be announced on the  frontpage from now until January 1st - together with a javascript Year 2000 countdown.
Dec 12th, 1999 Star Trek Cartography update
The Star Trek Cartography has been enhanced by an updated and extended version of the "Positions of the real stars", including an exclusive 3D view of all real stars of Star Trek in VRML. A VRML plugin for the Internet Explorer 5.0 you can find amonmg the MS IE 5 installation package in the file "Vrml2c.exe".
Nov 17th, 1999 New project WEBdimension added / Update on Utopia Planitia
The WEBdimension, your gateway to Star Trek in the internet, has been added to the Star Trek Dimension. The WEBdimension isn't a simple link list, it is an highly ergonomic, easy-to-use and selective directory of only the best Star Trek websites, avaiable in several categories. For every site, a one-sentence description and evaluation is avaible and for some sites, a complete review  can be accessed along with pics and further information. Furthermore, the Utopia Planitia project has been extended by poster views (size 640x480 pixels) for all 3D scenes including the titel picture, which can be viewed by clicking on the smaller pictures. Moreover, two lavish traditional diagrams in side/top view has been created and are now avaiable on the page.
Nov 10th, 1999 Utopia Planitia project added / Further Cartography update
A completely new project, the Utopia Planitia, has been added to the Dimension dealing with the three ships I originally created for the ASDB, an international fan project for the creation of starship designs. This project not only contains incredibly realistic 3D designs and animated 3D diagrams of the ships, but also introduces them very extensively with their conjectural background story, which also includes political and economic aspects, and their exact specifications. Additionaly, an exclusive 3D rendering of the Utopia Plantiia starbases is included in the project. Furthermore, the Cartography has been updated again: the list of Star Trek distances has been extended by the new stars of the list of the positions of the real stars and its precisition has been increased by the use of HIPPARCOS distances.
Oct 31st, 1999 Star Trek Cartography update
The exclusive list of the positions of the real stars just added to the Star Trek Cartography 2 days ago has now already been replaced by a reworked, second version, which contains beside several additional stars numerous new HIPPARCOS distances and is therefore much exacter. Furthermore, the list now supports 2 additional coordinate systems. The included maps have been correspondingly extended and improved, too.
Oct 29th, 1999 Extensive update on cartography
Two new sections have been added to the Star Trek Cartography. At first, an exclusive collection of the real stars mentioned on Star Trek, their parallaxes, distances, galactic coordinates and the calculcated map distances and coordinates. Together with the explanation of the table and the 6 sample maps, this section is the ultimate reference for all trekker who want to create their own map of the Star Trek galaxy. Furthermore, "The responses of the experts" section is new, which provides questions and problems of the Cartography along with the answers of Rick Sternbach. Moreover, the Cartography sources have been updated and 1 updated and 3 new maps have been added to the maps archive.
Oct 25th, 1999 2 new LCARS files / minor updates
Along with the German version, two new files have been added to the recently created English version of the LCARS database. These files describe two of the most important and interesting space institutions, the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and the Borg Unikomplex, with a very extensive and up-to-date text and exclusive photos. The history und der news banner on the login page were changed accordingly. In the Cartography project, minor errors in the maps of explored space have been fixed. Furthermore, some banners to great websites has been added to projects page, along with a remark of the submission to the Trek Millenia award.
Oct 22th, 1999 Cartography updated
The Star Trek Cartography has been updated again: a largely updated list of Star Trek distances, with a improved table design and lots of new items, is now avaiable.
Oct 20th, 1999 Further LCARS files translated
After starting the translation project only a few days ago, now ten more class specifications are avaiable in the LCARS database. Expect more files very soon.
Oct 18th, 1999 Translation of the LCARS database!
Good news to all trekkers who liked to visit the database but weren't able to understand all those LCARS files because they are in German! Although it wasn't planned originally, with this day, the step-by-step translation of the whole database into English begins with phase 1 (translation of all class specifications - 86 files or almost one third of the database). At this moment, 16 files of this sub-database or already avaiable in English, so please feel free to visit the brand-new English version of the LCARS Database! However, only the "Database" viewing feature is currently avaiable, but be patient: very soon, additional functions and more translated LCARS files will be avaible.
Oct 18th, 1999 Major update of Star Trek Dimension
With a extensive update, nearly all pages of the Star Trek Dimension have been improved or extended. Especially those files that haven't been changed since the site has been published back in july of this year, have now been adapted to the changed goals of the Dimension. Thus, the Introduction has been reworked and now refers to all projects of the Dimension in text and pictures; the FAQ has been changed, too, and a page about the author has been added. All frame pages and projects have been adapted to a slightly changed color scheme and have been designed in a more ergonomic way, e.g. by a contents list which allows to jump to any section of a page, or an additional link to the parent page below on every page.
Oct 17th, 1999 New maps in Star Trek Cartography and more
After a great, realistic view of the Milky Way from the book "The Guide to the Galaxy" has been avaiable in the map archive of the Star Trek Cartography from the right beginning, now exclusively 5 detailed maps of the Galaxy with the real stars up to 25, 50 and 250 ly, in the whole Milky Way and in the galactic core have now been added. Furthermore, the resource section has been extended by a list of the known sectors.
Oct 12th, 1999 Map of explored space added to Star Trek Cartography
A first version of a scaled and realistic map of explored space in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant of the Star Trek Galaxy, created by me based on what I learned from writing the chapters of the Cartography and some maps of the real Milky Way, has been added to the new section "Galactic cartography" of the Star Trek Cartography. Consequently, a first goal of the project has been achieved, however, the map is far from complete and doesn't include at lot of facts given in episodes and documentations, so that it will be extended and optimized soon.
Oct 8th, 1999 Cartography updated
Two offical Star Trek maps from DS9 and Voyager have been added to the map archive of the  Star Trek Cartography. Moreover, the wonderful 3D-view of the Milky Way has been extended by some stars I took from the TNG episode "Conspiracy", which showed that map.
Oct 5th, 1999 Login page improved
The design of the Star Trek Dimension main page, which appears after entering the domain adress, has been fixed by invisible tables and optimized in that way that it look similiar with both the Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Netscape Navigator. The german version has been extended by an American flag link which will hopefully guide more English visitiors to their version of the Dimension. Moreover, a new "anthem", a intesting variation of the Voyager theme, has been added to this page.
Oct 3rd, 1999 Extensive update on Star Trek Cartography
The section "Size of the Federation" of the Star Trek Cartography has been largely extended by numerous new aspects of the most important and troublesome topic of galactic cartography. The whole section has been divided into subsections, and also a conclusion of the known facts on Federation size has been added. Furthermore, there is another new exclusive Javascript program in the Tools-area, and, finally, the map archive with many cartography resources has been added.
Sept 25th, 1999 Bug fix / Cartography updated
Several errors and dead links on the project page and the Sound Dimension have been fixed. 2 Javascript programs have been added to the new section "Tools" of the Star Trek Cartography, the List of Star Trek Distances have been largely extended.
Sept 23rd, 1999 Updates of projects page & Cartography / Sound Dimension added
To promote the other projects of the Star Trek Dimension, the project page has been made to the "control center" of the Dimension, has been both extended and graphically enhanced and can now be accessed by the padd on the main page. The new Sound Dimension has been added, that is more than a simple download page, but offers exclusive music and soundtracks as RealAudio files. The Star Trek Cartography's Voyager section has furthermore been slightly updated; a completely new map of the Delta quadrant has been added  and some errors in the route table have been corrected.
Sept 10th, 1999 Star Trek Dimension decorated with Ex Astris Excellentia Award
One and a half month after I've brought my site online I have now received the EAE Award from the Ex Astris Scientia website. Much thanks to Bernd Schneider, the webmaster of this site.
Sept 7th, 1999 Star Trek Cartography updated
After lots of new stuff have been added to the German version of the Star Trek Cartography 2 days ago, I now had the time to translate it. Therefore, lots of new aspects to the size - and  completely new - to the growth of the Federation are now avaible, along with a whole subsection about the Mutara class nebula Voyager visited in [VOY] One and a largely extended distance list.
Sept 4th, 1999 Star Trek Cartography splitted up to several pages
After some minor updates on the Star Trek Cartography within the last few days, this  one-page-project has been splitted up to several pages. Due to these changes, the downloading times have been reduced for each document and extending the Cartography with resource pages etc. will be more easy. Beside the LCARS Database, the Cartography is therefore now the most important project of the Dimension and within the next months, it will be largely extended to become the biggest source of information about Star Trek distances and maps in the internet. So if you have FAQs, maps or other material on this topic, please sent it to the author. Of course you will get credits.
Sept 1st, 1999 More projects translated
Whew! After two days of hard work, two more projects are now avaiable in English, as I promised. That is first Gag Trek, a variation of jokes, stories, funny pictures and more. Furthermore, also one of the main projects of the Dimension, the international version of the extensive (too extensive, I realized during the hours of translating) Star Trek Cartography is now avaiable. Sorry, but in the next weeks there won't be new translations, only updates of already translated pages.
Aug 30th, 1999 International version of the Dimension online -
Greetings, Q'apla and Jolan true! I welcome all trekkers of this world who visit my today added English version of the Star Trek Dimension. I started translating and adapting a few days ago, and now, major parts of the pages about the website (Introduction, Sources, Requirements, FAQ, Projects) and also some projects (Quiz, Inconsistencies, Quotes, Birthdays) are already avaiable. Please be patient - the missing pages and projects that are currently only avaiable in German will be online within a few days. However, I hope you nevertheless enjoy my homepage, if you have questions, suggestions or problems, please feel free to contact me. Because of the translation project, there will be no content updates in the next few days!
Aug 29th, 1999 New LCARS database kernel installed / Further update on ST Cartography
Because of too long waiting periods and browser incompatibilities in the LCARS database I have changed the whole database system and reduced the Javascript code whenever it was possible. You have now the same possibilities (although the automatic linking is still not avaiable for most of the files) and the same interface, but working with the database will be much faster. There has been again an update on the Star Trek Cartography, but it will be the last for a few weeks, because I have some new ideas (more to this tomorrow). However, 2 new subsections has been added to the Federation section, and a sources section has been newly added.
Aug 28th, 1999 Major update on Star Trek Cartography
Over 20 KB of new text and many new pictures has been added to the Star Trek Cartography. The section about the Federation has been completely redesigned and largely extended with text and pictures. The Voyager appendix has been adapted and extended to the first project within the project: Creating a detail map of the journey of the USS Voyager.
Aug 26th, 1999 Update on Star Trek Cartography
A completely new section about the subdivision of the galaxy has been added to the Star Trek Cartography project, the contents and Voyager sections have been extended and improved. Expect further updates in the next days.
Aug 24th, 1999 Exclusively in the Star Trek Dimension: What You Leave Behind project complete
3 months after the airing of the exciting DS9 series finale "What You Leave Behind", my unique, very extensive plot description to that episode with 66 photos has been completed after several days of hard work.
Aug 22nd, 1999 First part of project about What You Leave Behind now avaiable
After I started this unique, exciting, but also very lavish project a few days ago, the first results are now online. A third of the expisode plot which extensively describes every scene is complete, and 20 pictures were also already added. The complete project will be avaiable in a few days, but nevertheless you can try it now.
Aug 21st, 1999 Extensive project update / Netscape 3 support
Because of the online start of the Dimension some parts of the project have been redesigned, improved or extended . A independent project page has been added, that can be accessed from the main page by clicking on the link "Projects". Beside updates of the LCARS database, which is now equal to the other projects, many new projects are planned, e.g. a really unique photostory of What You Leave Behind. The news page has been extended with some new sections, as well as the history page. The main page itself has been redesigned and a banner with Dimension news has been added. The netscape version of the Dimension has been improved and is now fully functional.
Aug 6th, 1999 Unique Star Trek Cartography Project started
The second treknology project beside the Subspace Manual has now been started: the Star Trek Cartography project, a unique investigation on distances and maps on Star Trek that I started as kind of self help, because cartography is a pretty conjectural aspect of Star Trek and their is nearly no information about this interesting topic in the web. However, the project is still not very extensive, but except some bigger updates in a few weeks.
Aug 2nd, 1999 Star Trek Dimension finally online - with own domain!
Hello there! Welcome on my website, that is now online, after 2 years of "offline existence". 2 years ago, this project started as a few pages to Star Trek and the goal to build up the ultimate LCARS database, and now, in contrast to many other just started sites, a whole dimension of 281 LCARS pages with hundreds of photos, diagrams and sounds is already avaiable to you. Although the site is mainly devoted to the database, you can visit several other projects on the News & Projects page, e.g. episode guides, treknology projects and a page about Star Trek jokes. Many new things will be uploaded soon, so you should visit this site regularly. If you have questions, suggestions, problems etc., please contact me.

News archive 2000

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