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Season 6

125. A Time to Stand Sept 29th, 1997

After two months of war, the crew is ordered to fly an undercover mission behind the enemy lines.

126. Rocks and Shoals Oct 6th, 1997 51096.2 With their Jem'hadar ship, the crew crashes on a planet where a group of Jem'hadar  is stuck as well.
127. Sons and Daughters Oct 13th, 1997 Worf has to deal with his almost adult son Alexander on Martok's ship.
128. Behind the Lines Oct 20th, 1997 Seduced by the female shapeshifter, Odo ultimately betrays Kira and his friends.
129. Favor the Bold Oct 27th, 1997 With the Federation facing a possible capitulation, Sisko plans to retake Deep Space Nine.
130. The Sacrifice of Angels Nov 3rd, 1997 In a huge battle, the fate of the Alpha Quadrant is decided.
131. You are Cordially Invited... Nov 10th, 1997 51427.5 After their return to Deep Space Nine, Worf and Jadzia have to face a quite troublesome wedding.
132. Resurrection Nov 17th, 1997 Kira has to realize that only the appearance of the mirror-Bareil resembles her dead lover.
133. Statistical Probabilities Nov 24th, 1997 Dr. Bashir works together with a group of genetically improved individuals.
134. The Magnificent Ferengi Jan 1st, 1998 Quark and some Ferengi try to rescue Ishka who has been captured by the Dominion.
135. Waltz Jan 8th, 1998 51408.6 Crashed on a far away planet Sisko has to deal with an apparently insane Dukat.
136. Who Mourns for Morn? Feb 4th, 1998 Quark sucht verzweifelt nach dem Vermögen des verstorbenen Morn.
137. Far Beyond the Stars Feb 11th, 1998 After having lost a friend in the war, Sisko has visions of the Earth of the 1950s.
138. One Little Ship Feb 18th, 1998 Shrunken with their runabout by a subspace anomaly, the crew attempts to retake the Defiant.
139. Honor Among Thieves Feb 25th, 1998 O'Brien is commisioned by the Federation Intelligence to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate.
140. A Change of Heart Mar 4th, 1998 On an important mission, Worf has to choose between fulfilling his assignment and Jadzia's life.
141. Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night Apr 1st, 1998 Back in the past, Kira discovers what really happened to her mother.
142. Inquisition Apr 8th, 1998 Apparently mistaken for a spy, Bashir is interrogated by Starfleet Security.
143. In the Pale Moonlight Apr 15th, 1998 Sisko tries everything to make the Romulans join the Dominion War.
144. His Way Apr 22nd, 1998 The interactive hologram Vic Fontaine helps Odo to make Kira fall for him and requite his love.
145. The Reckoning Apr 29th, 1998 Aboard Deep Space Nine, prophets and pah-wraiths fight the ultimate battle.
146. Valiant May 6th, 1998 Jake and Nog are rescued by the Valiant - a ship that is only manned by Starfleet cadets.
147. Profit and Lace May 13th, 1998 Disguised as a woman, Quark has to prove the equality of females to the FCA.
148. Time's Orphan May 20th, 1998 Molly is trapped in a time vortex and is then years older when she can be finally rescued.
149. The Sound of Her Voice Jun 10th, 1998 The Defiant receives a distress signal from a woman which will die before they can rescue her.
150. Tears of the Prophets Jun 17th, 1998 The first step to the invasion of Cardassia has a high price: the death of Jadzia and the disappearance of the prophets.

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