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Season 5

099. Apocalypse Rising Sept 30th, 1996

Sisko and his crew are sent to disclose the shapeshifter Gowron.

100. The Ship Oct 7th, 1996 50049.3 The crew and a group of Jem'hadar fight over a Dominion ship crashed on a desert planet.
101. Looking for Par'mach in All the Wrong Places Oct 14th, 1996 While Quark tries to get Grilka's attention, Jadzia discovers her love for Worf.
102. ...Nor the Battle to the Strong Oct 21st, 1996 Jake is trapped on Ajilon Prime - admidst a gruesome battle with Klingons.
103. The Assignment Oct 28th, 1996 O'Brien is threatened by Keiko who has been seized by Bajoran Pah-Wraith.
104. Trials and Tribble-ations Nov 4th, 1996 With the power of a Bajoran Orb, the Defiant travels back to the 23rd century, meeting the original starship Enterprise.
105. Let He Who is Without Sin Nov 11th, 1996 Worf and Jadzia, Julien and Leeta and Quark and Rom spend their vacation on Risa.
106. Things Past Nov 18th, 1996 Sisko, Odo, Dax and Garak awake seven years in the past on Terok Nor.
107. Ascent Nov 25th, 1996 Stranded on a hostile planet, Odo and Quark have to work together in order to survive.
108. Rapture Dec 30th, 1996 Sisko is haunted by visions showing him the future of Bajor, but slowly killing him at once.
109. The Darkness and the Light Jan 6th, 1997 50416.2 Kira has to watch a series murder killing the members of the former Shakaar one by one.
110. The Begotten Jan 27th, 1997 While the birth of Kira's baby is near, Odo cares for a young shapeshifter.
111. For the Uniform Feb 3rd, 1997 50485.2 Sisko is after his former security chief and current Maquis leader Michael Eddington.
112. In Purgatory's Shadow Feb 10th, 1997 Searching for Enabran Tain, Garak and Worf are caught and detained by Jem'hadar.
113. By Inferno's Light Feb 17th, 1997 50564.2 While Worf and Gark fight for survival, Cardassia joins the Dominion.
114. Dr. Bashir, I Presume Feb 24th, 1997 While working together with Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, Bashir's genetic imrpovement is revealed.
115. A Simple Investigation Mar 31st, 1997 Odo falls for a beautiful, yet mysterious woman which he has to arrest soon afterwards.
116. Business as Usual Apr 7th, 1997 For the first time, Quark suffers from pangs of conscience when he sells weapons together with his cousin Gaila.
117. Ties of Blood and Water Apr 14th, 1997 50715.5 The death of Tekeny Ghemors makes Kira remember the death of her own father.
118. Ferengi Love Songs Apr 21st, 1997 Quark has to decide between his business and the luck of his mother.
119. Soldiers of the Empire Apr 28th, 1997 Jadzia and Worf try to encourage Martok and his demoralized crew.
120. For the Cause May 5th, 1997 The crew of the Defiant meets their own descendants on a far away planet.
121. Blaze of Glory May 12th, 1997 Sisko tries to stop the revenge of the last Maquis survivors.
122. Empok Nor May 19th, 1997 O'Brien, Garak and a team of technicians are trapped on the long abandoned station Empok Nor.
123. In the Cards Jun 9th, 1997 Jake attempts to raise the mood of his father, who is concerned because of the impending war.
124. A Call to Arms Jun 16th, 1997 With the Federation putting mines around the wormhole, the Dominion War begins and the crew finally has to leave DS9.

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