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Season 3

049. Evolution Sept 25th, 1989 43125.8

Wesley's scientific experiment dealing with nanites, self-replicating micro-robots, causes trouble aboard and endangers the mission of the Enterprise, if not the lives of the crew.

050. The Ensigns of Command Oct 2nd, 1989 43133.3

On Tau Cygna V, the Enterprise crew discovers the descendants of a Earth colonization mission which have to be relocated due to the claims of the Sheliak.

051. The Survivors Oct 9th, 1989 43152.4

After a distress call the Enterprise discovers that a colonie in the Delta Rana system has been totally destroyed - except one single house of a strange man and his wife.

052. Who Watches the Watchers? Oct 16th, 1989 43173.5

After an accident the observation station on Mintaka III is discovered by the local pre-industrial population, having disastrous consequences for the world view of the Mintakans.

053. The Bonding Oct 23rd, 1989 43198.7

During an away mission, Jeremy Aster's mother is killed, with the indigenious, non-corporal species taking responsibility by creating an identically looking "replacement mother" for him.

054. The Booby Trap Oct 30th, 1989 43205.6

The Enterprise discovers the wreckage of a Promellian battle cruiser from their last conflict, stimulating Picard's spirit of exploration, but putting the ship into a deadly trap.

055. The Enemy Nov 6th, 1989 43349.2

During an away mission on Galorndon Core, Riker and Worf have to leave Geordi behind who has to get along with the sole survivor of a crashed Romulan vessel in order to survive.

056. The Price Nov 13th, 1989 43385.6

A number of species meet aboard for negotations regarding the economical exploitation of the recently discovered, seemingly stable Barzan wormhole.

057. The Vengeance Factor Nov 20th, 1989 43421.9

Investigating on a series of mysterious deaths among a clan of the Akamarian "gatherers", the crew discovers something strange in the past of the inconspicuous servant of the Akamarian sovereign.

058. The Defector Jan 1st, 1990 43462.5

A high ranking Romulan admiral decides to defect to the Federation as he don't want to bear the continuing aggression of his home planet any longer, which is pushing the decay of the Romulan Star Empire to his mind.

059. The Hunted Jan 8th, 1990 43489.2

A genetically manipulated former soldier imprisoned without reason after the end of the war breaks out of the Lunar V settlement and starts a riot on the Angosian homeworld.

060. The High Ground Jan 29th, 1990 43510.7

The Enterprise and her crew become the target of the ruthless Rutian terrorists when the ship gets in contact with the legal administration of the planet.

061. Deja Q Feb 5th, 1990 43539.1

Because of his recent actions Q is condemned by the continuum to live as a mortal human without his far-reaching power, bringing him into a whole new situation.

062. A Matter of Perspective Feb 12th, 1990 43610.4

After the explosion of the Tanugan research station and the death of Dr. Apgar, Riker becomes the prime suspect when evidence for his alleged affair with Apgar's wife is discovered.

063. Yesterday's Enterprise Feb 19th, 1990 43625.2

The Enterprise discovers a ship emerging from a temporal rift and suddenly everything changes: the travel of the Enterprise-C into the future has brought the Federation into a war with the Klingons...

064. The Offspring Mar 12th, 1990 43657.0

After a symposium Data seems to be able to create a new android based on his own neural network: the young Lal, whom he sees as his own daughter.

065. Sins of the Father Mar 19th, 1990 43685.2

After his brother Kurn has told him of the accusal of their father on the homeworld because of an alleged high treason which could dishonor the entire family, Worf and the Enterprise travel to Q'onoS to investigate.

066. Allegiance Mar 26th, 1990 43714.1

Abducted from his quarters, Picard suddenly wakes up in an alien research station among a number of other life-forms, while unnoticed a doppelganger has taken his place aboard Enterprise.

067. Captain's Holiday Apr 2nd, 1990 43745.2

Picard can be convinced to finally make vacations, however, in the holiday paradise Risa he meets the archeologist Vash, bringing him right into a nerve-racking adventure

068. Tin Man Apr 23th, 1990 43779.3

The infamous Tam Elbrun comes aboard in order to contact a mysterious space being orbitting the sun Beta Stromgren, while the crew finds out soon enough that the Romulans have similiar plans.

069. Hollow Pursuits Apr 30th, 1990 43807.4

While Lt. Reginald Barclay is shy, always nervous and not exactly sociable during his shifts, he lives his fantasies on the holodeck, which also include certain crew members.

070. The Most Toys May 7th, 1990 43872.2

After a trade with the Zibalian merchant Kivas Fajo Data is seemingly destroyed, however, he has been actually abducted by the ruthless gatherer who puts him into his museum.

071. Sarek May 14th, 1990 43917.4

An important first treaty with the Legarans prepared for decades by Ambassador Sarek is threatend by the increasing emotionality of the aging, ill Vulcan.

072. Ménage à Troi May 28th, 1990 43930.7

When Riker and Troi are on shore leave on Betazed, they and Troi's mother are kidnapped by a Ferengi Daimon who wants to make Lwaxana to his wife by all means.

073. Transfigurations Jun 4th, 1990 43957.2

In the Zeta Galis cluster, the crew discovers a ship with an injured, mysterious man aboard, who has lost his memory and undegoes a metamorphosis with unknown outcome.

074. The Best of Both Worlds I Jun 18th, 1990 43989.1

After the colony on Jouret V has been exterminated by the Borg, Starfleet prepares for a final confrontation with the Collective; during the conflict, however, Picard is abducted by it and made to its speaker.

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