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Season 2

027. The Child Nov 21st, 1988 42073.1

Effected by an alien lifeform, Deanna Troi gives birth to a boy which however risks the life of the crew by his impact on the transported viruses.

028. Where Silence Has Lease Nov 28th, 1988 42193.6

In the Morgana quadrant, the Enterprise is trapped in a space phenoma that turns out to be a huge lifeform which wants to perform gruesome experiments on the crew.

029. Elementary, Dear Data Dec 5th, 1988 42286.3

Geordi and Data run a Sherlock Holmes program on the holodeck, with Geordi endangering the ship when he demands an opponent that is a match for Data.

030. The Outrageous Okona Dec 12th, 1988 42402.7

The Enterprise crew helps a certain Captain Okona with repairs  while Data tries to grasp the concept of humour with Guinan's help  on the holodeck.

031. Loud as a Whisper Jan 9th, 1989 42477.2

The Enterprise transports the deaf-mute mediator Riva and his "chorus", with which he is able to communicate, as he is supposed to end a conflict on Solarion V.

032. The Schizoid Man Jan 23rd, 1989 42437.5

The Enterprise receives a distress signal from the assistant of Dr. ira Graves who is about to die soon but succeeds in transferring his entire mind into Data before his death.

033. Unnatural Selection Jan 30th, 1989 42494.8

At the Darwin research station, children are genetically altered with devastating effects on the now rapidly aging grown-ups - including Dr. Pulaski.

034. A Matter of Honor Feb 6th, 1989 42506.5

Riker temporarily serves on the Klingon ship Pagh, where he has to face a lot of mistrust and finally even has to prevent the captain from destroying the Enterprise.

035. The Measure of a Man Feb 13th, 1989 42523.7

With permission of Starfleet, Cmd. Bruce Maddox wants to dissect Data for his researches, raising the question regarding Data's general status and rights.

036. The Dauphin Feb 20th, 1989 42568.8

Enterprise transports the dauphin Salia and her governess, which seems to be not up to her task and would rather like to explore the stars with Wesley.

037. Contagion Mar 20th, 1989 42609.1

The crew has to experience the destruction of the sister ship USS Yamato, whose captain was apparently trying to find the ancient civilization of Iconia - with success.

038. The Royale Mar 27th, 1989 42625.4

In the orbit of Theta 116 the Enterprise discovers wreckage parts of the NASA vessel Charybdis, and a obscure reproduction of an ancient Terran casino on the surface.

039. Time Squared Apr 3rd, 1989 42679.2

The crew discovers a shuttle with a second Picard aboard, who seems to be from a future only a few hours away, in which the Enterprise has obviously been destroyed.

040. The Icarus Factor Apr 24th, 1989 42686.4

After many years, Riker meets his father Kyle again, which is ordered to introduce him to the USS Aries, his first starship command, opening old wounds again.

041. Pen Pals May 1st, 1989 42695.3

Data receives the distress signal of a young girl from a doomed world and violates the Prime Directive when he responds and pleads for help for her civilization.

042. Q Who? May 8th, 1989 42761.3

Decades before an actual First Contact with the Borg Q moves the Enterprise into the space of the Borg which are in all ways superior to the crew and its technology.

043. Samaritan Snare May 15th, 1989 42779.1

While Picards travels with Wesley to a starbase to undergo a heart transplantation, the Enterprise encounters the Pakled who lure the crew into a trap.

044. Up The Long Ladder May 22th, 1989 42823.2

In search of the Mariposa, a vessel launched in the 22nd century, the crew finds a group of Irish colonists as well as a society which has survived through cloning.

045. Manhunt Jun 19th, 1989 42859.2

Deanna Troi's excentric mother Lwaxana comes aboard, showing a strong interest in Picard as she experiences the Betazoid "phase" at that time.

046. The Emissary Jun 26th, 1989 42901.3

A special emissary of the Federation joins the crew that turns out to be Worf's ex-lover who Worfs comes closer with again after some initial tensions.

047. Peak Performance Jul 10th, 1989 42923.4

A battle simulation between the Enterprise and the Hathaway, temporarily commanded by Riker, gets actually dangerous when Ferengi attack and both ships are incapapable of defense.

048. Shades of Gray Jul 17th, 1989 42976.1

On a jungle planet Riker becomes infected with an alien spore which brings him close to death and lets him relive the events of the last two years in his fever dreams.

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