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Season 2

030. Catspaw Catspaw 3018.2

With witches, magic and frightening experiences two aliens try to explore the influence of the human subconsciousness.

031. Metamorphosis Metamorphosis 3219.4 A landing party discovers Zefram Cochrane, presumed dead, who has started a relationship with an energy being.
032. Friday's Child Friday's Child 3497.2

Both Klingons and humans want to forge a trading alliance with the Capellans, leading to a conflict.

033. Who Mourns For Adonais? Who Mourns For Adonais? 3468.1

An omnipotent being once worshipped as a Greek god demands reverence from the crew of the Enterprise.

034. Amok Time Amok Time 3372.7

Spock suffers from the Vulcan blood fever and returns to Vulcan to take the mate promised to him as a child.

035. The Doomsday Machine The Doomsday Machine 4202.9

The crew of the Enterprise tries to stop an ancient doomsday machine destroying entire civlizations.

036. Wolf in the Fold Wolf in the Fold 3614.9

On Argelius a series of mysterious murders happens that were seemingly always committed by Scotty.

037. The Changeling The Changeling 3451.9

A dangerous, intelligent device is beamed aboard that turns out to be an altered version of an ancient Earth probe.

038. The Apple The Apple 3715.0

On a paradisic planet, the completely immature and childlike inhabitants worship the computer Vaal.

039. Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror

A landing party accidentally arrives at a parallel universe where the Federation is a barbaric and violent empire.

040. The Deadly Years The Deadly Years 3478.2

Having been infected by a virus on Gamma Hydra, Kirk, Spcok and McCoy have to deal with accelerated aging.

041. I, Mudd I, Mudd 4513.3

The crew of the Enterprise discovers that Harry Mudd has become the sovereign of a civilization of androids.

042. The Trouble With Tribbles The Trouble with Tribbles 4523.3

When the Enterprise and station K-7 are crawling with high-producing tribbles, a Klingon spy can be disclosed.

043. Bread and Circuses Bread and Circuses 4040.7

Kirk, Spock and McCoy are taken hostage on a planet resembling ancient Rome and are forced to fight against gladiators in an arena.

044. Journey to Babel Journey to Babel 3842.3

The travel of a diplomatic corps, including Spock's father, aboard the Enterprise leads to several problems and implications.

045. A Private Little War A Private Little War 4211.4

When the Klingon interfere with a pre-warp culture,   spoiling their natural development, Kirk has to restore the balance of powers.

046. The Gamesters of Triskelion The Gamesters of Triskelion 3211.7

Kirk, Uhura and Chekov are abducted, enslaved and forced to fight for survival to entertain omnipotent beings.

047. Obsession Obsession 3619.2

Kirk becomes obsessed of hunting a being tha has killed his captain and half of the crew when he was still a young officer.

048. The Immunity Syndrome The Immunity Syndrome 4307.1

When a planetary system is threatened by a giant "space amoeba", Kirk has to send one of his friends on a suicide mission.

049. A Piece of the Action A Piece of the Action 4598.0

The Enterprise discovers that the Iotians have adapted the "philosophy" of the "mobs of the Twenties" from a book accidentally left behind.

050. By Any Other Name By Any Other Name 4657.5

A group of Kelvans take control of the Enterprise in order to travel back to their home, the 300 years of travel away Andromeda Galaxy.

051. Return to Tomorrow Return to Tomorrow 4768.3

Kirk, Spock and Ann Mulhall are taken over by three immaterial aliens who are yearning for a humanoid existence.

052. Patterns of Force Patterns of Force 2534.0

Due to the interference of a Federation historian, a planet's society has developed a regime very similiar to the National Socialism.

053. The Ultimate Computer The Ultimate Computer 4729.4

When the experimental computer control of the Enterprise leads to unforeseen problems, she becomes a danger for all ships.

054. The Omega Glory The Omega Glory

In search for the crew of the Exeter, Kirk discovers that her captain supports an Omegan fraction against their enemies.

055. Assignment: Earth Assignment: Earth

Investigating on an incident in 1968, the Enterprise encounters Gary Seven who claims to want to save Earth from a catastrophe.

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