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Season 7

146. Unimatrix Zero II Oct 4th, 2000 54014.4

Desperately, the Borg queen risks the destruction of the collective in order to stop Unimatrix Zero.

147. Imperfection Oct 11th, 2000 54129.4 When Seven needs new implants due to malfunctions, the young Borg Icheb is the only person that can save her life.
148. Drive Oct 18th, 2000 54058.6

Using the new Delta Flyer, Tom and B'Elanna take part in an interplanetary space race.

149. Repression Oct 25th, 2000 54090.4

Tuvok takes charge of the investigation when violent attacks on former maquis members endanger Voyager.

150. Critical Care Nov 1st, 2000

Abducted to a large hospital ship, the Doctor has to deal with the unethical treatment of sick and dying patients.

151. Inside Man Nov 8th, 2000 54208.3

A hologram of Lt. Barclay appears on Voyager, claiming that he can bring the crew home within only a few days.

152. Body and Soul Nov 15th, 2000 54238.3

When the Delta Flyer is attacked by a species hating holograms, the Doctor has to hide in Seven's implants.

153. Nightingale Nov 22nd, 2000 54274.7

Harry assumes command of a Kraylor vessel whose captain has been killed in a conflict.

154. Flesh and Blood I Nov 29th, 2000 54315.3

The crew of Voyager becomes involved into an insurrection of holograms when they try to help a Hirogen training facility.

155. Flesh and Blood II Nov 29th, 2000 54337.5

The holograms have abducted the Doctor, who now have to choose loyalties between the Voyager crew and his holographic brethren.

156. Shattered Jan 17th, 2001

Voyager is hit by a temporal anomaly, taking different parts of the ship into different temporal frames.

157. Lineage Jan 24th, 2001 54452.6

Tom and B'Elanna reach a crossing point in their relationship which could considerably effect both their lives.

158. Repentance Jan 31st, 2001 54474.6

Voyager rescues the crew of a heavily damaged vessel, which entirely consists of prisoners condemned to death.

159. Prophecy Feb 7th, 2001 54518.2

Voyager encounters a Klingon ship which left the Empire when the Klingons were still at war with the Federation.

160. The Void Feb 14th, 2001 54553.4

In a vast void, the crew of Voyager tries to survive, more and more questioning the principles of Starfleet.

161. Workforce I Feb 21st, 2001 54584.3

The crew members of Voyager start a new life on a distant planet, having forgotten their original identities.

162. Workforce II Feb 28th, 2001 54622.4

Together with his team, Chakotay desperately tries to recover the crew members that have been turned into industrial workers.

163. Human Error Mar 7th, 2001

When the security of the crew only depends on Seven, she becomes more and more distracted by an experiment.

164. Q2 Apr 11th, 2001 54704.5

When Q "invades" Voyager with his son in order to tell him the human virtues, the situation becomes dangerous.

165. Author, Author Apr 18th, 2001 54732.3

The Doctor wants to publish a holo novel in the Alpha Quadrant.

166. Friendship One Apr 25th, 2001 54775.4

The crew of Voyager discovers a probe from Earth.

167. Natural Law May 2nd, 2001 54814.5

Seven of Nine and Chakotay are stucked in a primitive, hostile environment..

168. Homestead May 9th, 2001 54868.6

Neelix tries to save an endangered Talaxian settlement.

169. Renaissance Man May 16th, 2001 54912.4

The Doctor has to become a master of disguise in order to save Captain Janeway.

170./172. Endgame May 23rd, 2001 54973.4

The Voyager returns home after facing her biggest enemy: the Borg.

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