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Season 6

120. Equinox II Sept 22nd, 1999

The crew of Voyager tries to stop Captain Ransom and the crew of the USS Equinox.

121. Survival Instinct Sept 29th, 1999 53049.2 Seven meets three ex-drones of her unimatrix, who want back to the Collective.
122. Barge of the Dead Oct 6th, 1999

After a shuttle accident, B'Elanna Torres is on the way to Klingon hell.

123. Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy Oct 13th, 1999

Aliens want to observe Voyager - unfortunately, they only perceive  the daydreams of the doctor.

124. Alice Oct 20th, 1999

Tom Paris is seduced by an "intelligent" vessel with a bio-neural interface.

125. Riddles Nov 3rd, 1999 53263.3

A cloaked alien completely erases Tuvok's personality and memory, so that he isn't Tuvok or even Vulcan anymore.

126. Dragon's Teeth Nov 10th, 1999 53167.9

The crew of Voyager brings back to life the survivors of a once powerful and unscrupulous species, which were in stasis for 892 years.

127. One Small Step Nov 17th, 1999 53292.7

Within a space anomaly, Voyager discovers the orbiter of one the first manned Mars missions, which disappeared nearly 350 years ago.

128. The Voyager Conspiracy Nov 24th, 1999 53329.0

Seven exposes an alleged conspiracy and reveals that Voyager deliberately stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

129. Pathfinder Dec 1st, 1999

While back on Earth, Lt. Barclay tries to contact Voyager, he suffers again from his holo-diction.

130. Fair Haven Jan 12th, 2000

In a holographic simulation of an Irish town of the 19th century, Janeway finds a new love.

131. Blink of an Eye Jan 19th, 2000

Voyager unintentionally influences the civilization of a planet, on which years pass within seconds.

132. Virtuoso Jan 26th, 2000 53556.4

In a superior society which does not know music, the doctor becomes some kind of pop star.

133. Memorial Feb 2nd, 2000

After an mission, the crew members relive a cruel massaker within visions.

134. Tsunkatse Feb 9th, 2000 53447.2

During shore leave, Seven is kidnapped and forced to take part in the "Tsunkatse" fights.

135. Collective Feb 16th, 2000 The crew discovers a group of de-assimilated children, who want back to the Collective, but aren't allowed to.
136. Spirit Folk Feb 23th, 2000 The holographic people of Fair Haven disover the true nature of the crew.
137. Ashes to Ashes Mar 1st, 2000 53679.4 A crew member that has been killed a long time ago returns to Voyager, transformed to an alien life-form.
138. Child's Play Mar 8th, 2000 The oldest of the rescued Borg children returns to his parents - but they want to hand him to the Borg, programmed as a deadly weapon.
139. Good Shepherd Mar 15th, 2000 53753.2 Captain Janeway goes on an away mission, together with three "neglected" crew members.
140. Live Fast and Prosper Apr 19th, 2000 53849.2 The crew of Voyager discovers three impostors, who have taken the identities of Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok in order to deceive innocent people.
141. Muse Apr 26th, 2000 53896.0 A poet writes plays on B'Elanna, who stranded on his planet, and her life aboard Voyager.
142. Fury May 3rd, 2000 An older Kes who strives for vengeance returns to Voyager to bring her back to the year 2373 and hand the crew to the Vidiians.
143. Life Line May 10th, 2000 Since the first transmission of the Pathfinder project reports on the imminent death of Dr. Zimmerman, the doctor returns to Earth.
144. The Haunting of... May 17th, 2000 While Voyager crosses a nebula, she takes an alien being with her, which first threatens the systems and then the lives of the crew.
145. Unimatrix Zero I May 24th, 2000 Seven returns to the secret "Unimatrix Zero" of the Borg, where thousands of Borg experience individuality during their regeneration cycle.

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