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Two year anniversairy at with some surprises

Today, the Star Trek Dimension celebrates the two year anniversairy of its online launch, offering its visitors the first five of some very special wallpapers dedicated to thirty-five years of Star Trek history and important aspects of each of the five series, a heavily updated "Enterprise Companion", and a concise survey which enables the participants to determine the future course of the Dimension. Further updates, including additional wallpapers and an all new part of the "making of", will be avaiable in the next few days.

Though two years seem to be a rather short amount of time, looking back to the beginning, the Star Trek Dimension has considerably extended its design, content as well as its goals.

After preliminary work of almost two years (important parts of the Star Trek database and the episode guides date back to autumn 1997), the site went online on August 2nd, 1999.

At that time, the Dimension did "only" consist of a LCARS database plus a few additional information files and one page projects. Furthermore, the 25 megabyte website was German only and did only reach a quite small audience for a pretty long time.

A lot has changed since then. Within two years, the Dimension has not only increased its size by factor seven. It has become one of the most extensive bi-langual Star Trek sites, offering a large percentage of its content in both German and English. Beside the still updated and improved database, the site now consists of almost a dozen of profound, unique projects, from technology musings and episode guides to multimedia collections and up-to-date reports.

One of the projects started immediately after the online launch, the Star Trek Cartography, which was based on the short article "Star Trek Distances", is still the most comprehensive and in-depth source on facts, figures and stuff concerning that topic, and has undoubtedly become one of the visitor's favorites.

The site has received recognition from Trek-related as well as general internet sites, including recommendations from several web portals, e.g. both "Site of the day" and "Site of the week" commendations at Yahoo! Germany, and numerous private websites.

This year, the Dimension has additionally focused on a completely new area: current developments in the Star Trek franchise and fandom, offering occasional, yet profound reviews, columns and specials.

Still, it has stayed and will keep on staying faithful to its original mission: to offer fans a creative, comprehensive, detailed and thoughtful view of the Star Trek phenomenon.

Webmaster, Star Trek Dimension



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