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May 18th, 2002 Parts of Media Library moved
Media Library: The entire picture gallery has a new home. I thank Thomas Pemberton for his friendly support. The gallery, as well as the main site, is therefore extensible again, and the Voyager finale screen shot archives with 200 high quality shots are online again as well.
May 15th, 2002 ENT Guide update
ENT Guide: Javascript search, episode files and season overview were updated. In preparation: a search function for the TOS Guide.
May 5th, 2002 ENT Guide search function
ENT Guide: a Javascript search function has been integrated which allows you to quickly access all 26 episodes of the first season, but also intelligently search for key words and plot elements of the episodes, e.g. the use of the transporter or the appearance of Porthos. Similiar search functions are planned for the other Guides, whose single episode files can now be accessed directly via links (see TV Guide links at the left, for example).
May 4th, 2002 ENT Guide update
ENT Guide: Episode files for episodes 018-026 added, completing the first season of the series. Moreover, the season 1 overview has been completed by the still missing entries.
Apr 27th, 2002 Commemoration
My condolences to the families of the victims, students, teachers and all others immediately concerned by yesterday's unbelievable massacre at the Gutenberg Gymnasium in Erfurt. I'm shocked and sad in view of the level of violence now possible even in European schools.
Apr 19th, 2002 TNG Guide season 3 complete
TNG Guide: after a break because of additional computer problems, the third season overview with pictures and descriptions is now finally avaiable.
Apr 8th, 2002 Amazon affiliation - Please support the Dimension
The Star Trek Dimension is now a partner of If you like you can support my website by simply making your normal purchases using the general link or the special offers on this website without paying a cent more. Thanks.
Apr 6th, 2002 TNG Guide Season 2 complete
TNG Guide: The season 2 overview with pictures and descriptions is finally avaiable. More coming soon.
Apr 1st, 2002 Update of TNG Guide
TNG Guide: There are now minipics avaiable for a number of episodes of the season 1 overview, which can be enlarged to the size used on the detail pages of the other episode guides.
Mar 29th, 2002 Started work on TNG Guide / Season 1 complete
TNG Guide: because of the repeated requests :-) and in view of the publication of the series on DVD, I've started work on an episode guide for Star Trek: The Next Generation, which will be restricted to seven season overviews with descriptions for the time being. The series overview and the season 1 overview are already avaiable.
March 26th, 2002 Computer problems
I'm still alive, but my computer returned only today after 10 days of repair. New updates coming soon.
March 15th, 2002 Additions to Media Library
Media Library: Altogether 52 cast images from Voyager and Enterprise are now avaiable for download in 18 new folders of the picture gallery.
March 9th, 2002 Major update of DS9 Guide
ST:DS9 Guide: Extended design for the 52 episode files of seasons 5 and 6; missing descriptions and episode scores were added. Moreover, there are new illustrated overviews for these seasons which are now also avaiable in English.
March 7th, 2002 Webspace problems / Episode Guides updated
Media Library: The Endgame archives are down, and unfortunately I don't have sufficient webspace anymore to save them on my main domain again. For the same reasons, the extension of the picture gallery will be difficult. Therefore I ask everyone who can and wants to support me with a fair amount of free, permanent webspace to contact me.
ST:DS9 Guide: The complete season 4 is a now avaiable in new design, as well as the respective season overview, which is now avaiable in English as well. Two missing German episode files were added.
ENT Guide: Episode file on "Fusion" and update of the season overview.
March 3rd, 2002 Another new section in Media Library
Media Library: opening of the new fan art section with currently 60 terrific Star Trek pics drawn by a devoted Voyager fan.
March 1st, 2002 Big update of Media Library
Media Library: grand opening of the picture gallery, which will replace the collection of screenshot archives from now on, offering a far more complete collection of high quality pictures on selected themes. For the beginning, there are 18 directories with Star Trek: Voyager screenshots, offering more than 500 images on astrometrics and the most important relationships aboard, which I've selected from over 10,000 (!) shots from seasons 5, 6 and 7 in the last days. Of course, this is a nice possibility to remember the ups and downs of Voyager's journey. In the next time, sections for the ships, aliens of Voyager, but also the other series and the movies will follow, in order to build up a superlative gallery.
Feb 25th, 2002 Endgame screenshots (4)
Media Library: The forth and last screenshots archive for the Voyager series finale "Endgame" with 50 new pictures in DVD quality is now avaiable.
Feb 24th, 2002 Update of Dimension Today / FAQ reworked
Dimension Today: Design and content of page updated; columns condensed and reworked into article series. Star Trek discovery of the month is "Curt Danhauser's Guide to The Animated Trek", the probably most comprehensive source on TAS. Congratulations!
FAQ: Updated and partly revised; please pay attention to the reworked rules regarding the use of material from this site, and the suggestions on how you can support the Star Trek Dimension.
Feb 23rd, 2002 Please sign new guestbook / Endgame screenshots (3)
The Star Trek Dimension has a new guestbook (access error fixed). Please drop me a few lines.
Media Library: The first part of the screenshot archives on the very last Voyager episode "Endgame II" with 50 high quality shots (800x600) is now avaiable. Stay tuned for part 2 on Monday.
Feb 22nd, 2002 Dimension in upcoming internet book / Award
Publicity: The Star Trek Dimension has received the Data Becker No. 1 WebStar and will be listed in the 2002/2003 issue of the book "The best German internet adresses".
Furthermore, I thank Steven Rykebosch for giving me his "Elite Force Award of Excellence".
Feb 18th, 2002 Endgame screenshots (2)
Media Library: Part 2 of the "Endgame I" screenshots with 48 pictures is now avaiable for download.
Feb 16th, 2002 Endgame screenshots (1)
Media Library: just grabbed yesterday: the first part of 98 screenshots in DVD quality (800x600) of "Endgame I". Part 2 will be avaiable on Monday.
Feb 15th, 2002 Off topic: Save Futurama!
As you might already know, FOX intends not to renew the popular sci fi series "Futurama" for another season. Since I know that many Trek fans are Futurama fans as well, I ask you to sign the currently running online petition, which already has almost 50,000 votes and therefore a real chance to change the minds of the network executives.
Feb 14th, 2002 Enterprise Guide & Companion update
Enterprise Guide: Episode files for "Sleeping Dogs", "Shadows of P'Jem" and "Shuttlepod One".
Enterprise Companion: Five new  cast promotion pics and 4 large episode photos added.
Feb 8th, 2002 New wallpaper in Enterprise Companion
Enterprise Companion: a new spectacular desktop wallpaper, as always in 800x600 as well as 1024x768 pixels.
Feb 7th, 2002 New pictures in Enterprise Companion
Enterprise Companion: six new, large format pictures on recent episodes (more to come soon); News on Enterprise in Germany and dubbing in the German EC.
Jan 25, 2002 Enterprise Guide / Enterprise Companion updated
ENT Guide: Quotes and, if avaiable, log entries for "Silent Enemy" and "Dear Doctor".
Enterprise Companion: the two end credits music versions for free download; update on general Enterprise facts
Jan 20, 2002 Web Dimension changes
Web Dimension: The database page has been redesigned and updated with a number of new links.
Jan 19, 2002 Enterprise Guide update
ENT Guide: Update of the series overview and the season 1 overview with descriptions and mini pictures for the first 13 episodes; 10 new episode files in German and English.
Jan 15, 2002 The Star Trek Dimension is now permanently avaiable at the new domain:!
As you may have experienced, the old com-Domain of this website has not returned with the new year. Unfortunately, I've lost it in the ongoing "war" with my old provider Puretec, that has repeatedly harmed this website with unlawful acts, misinformation and insufficient and delayed service. Today, with the launch of, the move to a new and hopefully better webspace provider is finished, and this site will finally be able to return to normal operation after almost 3 months of webspace-related difficulties and problems. --Chris
Community: In the course of the domain launch, a whole set of new banners (six versions) has been released, which also take advantage of the design extensions made in last November.
Jan 14, 2002 New wallpaper avaiable
Media Lib: A new high quality wallpaper created by the webmaster is now avaiable in the resolutions 800x600 and 1024x768.

"Naomi Wildman"

Jan 12, 2002 Community/publicity news
Community: A new dynamic intra-site banner system has been installed on several pages of the Star Trek Dimension, informing you of important projects, updates on this extensive website and web-related publicity actions of the Dimension.
Jan 5, 2002 Cartography update now in German
Cartography: The German language version of the new  "Enterprise" chapter is now avaiable.
Jan 1, 2002 New Year Update 2002
I wish all visitors a happy new year!

Cartography: as a new year's update, I've added a new chapter on the mission of Enterprise NX-01 and associated cartography and distance problems. More subsections to follow soon!

Dec 29, 2001 New publicity efforts
The Dimension is now part of the Real Trek 100 and Trekker's Guide indexes. Please take a moment and vote for me by clicking the links above or on the left side in the Community area.
Dec 24, 2001 Christmas special
Merry Christmas! You will find a few presents in the specials section of the Media Library ;)
Dec 21, 2001 Holiday time
The Star Trek Dimension wishes all visitors happy Christmas holidays!
Dec 16, 2001 Enterprise media update
Enterprise: 15 new high quality photos of the cast and the up to now aired episodes.
Dec 15, 2001 Further Web Dimension updates
Web Dimension: new links in the "news & spoilers" section and further design extensions.
Dec 14, 2001 New Enterprise wallpapers
Enterprise: two new wallpapers for both 800x600 and 1024x768, the official Enterprise arm patch reconstructed by the webmaster and the enterprise font now avaiable for download.
Dec 12, 2001 Technical problems
-Important note- as you may have discovered the URL does not work at the moment. Unfortunately, due to technical problems the reference of the URL to this place will not be working again before early next years, so that you should change your bookmarks to for the time being. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Dec 10, 2001 Web Dimension and LCARS database updated
Web Dimension: after a long time the two most important sections "News" and "Indexes" have been completely reworked regarding design and content; there are several new entries, descriptions and all new mini screenshots. Additions in the other sections are coming soon.
LCARS datenbank: the first Enterprise updates after eleven aired episodes - biographical files for Captain Archer and Hoshi Sato; technical information on the NX class and a peek at the bridge of Enterprise. Much more very soon!
Dec 1, 2001 Rick Sternbach interview (2)
A complete German translation of the Rick Sternbach interview is now avaiable here.
Nov 28, 2001 Special anniversairy
The Star Trek Dimension celebrates a very special anniversairy. It does not concern the website, however, but its creator and webmaster - today is his 20th birthday. ;-)
Nov 26, 2001 Rick Sternbach interview (1)
Bernd Schneider of my partner site EAS has held an extensive interview with Rick Sternbach, dealing with questions on starships, "Voyager", the new series "Enterprise" and the relationship with the writers.
Read it here at Dimension Today in full length.
Nov 18-24, 2001 Star Trek Dimension Relaunch
After the Dimension has been not accessible for most parts for one week and one day, and after more than three weeks in which the site could not be updated because of the server move, the site is back today and better than ever before. This website is now not only hosted by a new provider, resulting in more space and no traffic limits anymore. In a site-wide update - the most extensive one since 1 year -, the site was optimized, cleared from many errors, missing links and inconsistencies und equipped with new functions. Additionally, there are a number of content- and design-related updates and additions (as you can see already on this page), which strengthen the Dimension's status as one of the most sophisticated Trek sites in the internet. The changes in detail:

Site optimization:LCARS database system completely reworked, so that there shouldn't be any errors and missing links anymore. The multimedia files of the Cartography, Enterprise Companion, Utopia Planitia and ST Interactive are back on the main server. The sound effects library and music of the Media Library is finally completely online again, and content saved on other servers was reuploaded, if necessary. The relative links were reworked for a even more consistent site structure and better user handling; introduction of new "up" links on every page.

Design changes: Complete redesign of the projects page with lots of new, exciting graphic elements; design changes on frontpage and the navigation bar; redesign of Investigating Trek.

Updates: Introduction, FAQ, requirements and many other pages reworked; chronology of (German) LCARS database now with images; guest book back online; new author's page and search function; big update of Gag Trek and many new multimedia files in Enterprise Companion.

-Important- Naturally, a complete relaunch can result in some problems one hasn't thought of. As I can't look through several thousands of HTML pages online, I'd be glad if you report all potential errors to me.

Nov 10, 2001 Server move IV - in progress
The German site is already offline and will be relaunched next week. The international site is still partly online (though most parts are not accessible anymore), but will follow over the course of next week. After successful completion (by the end of next week at the latest), all parts of the Dimension will be avaiable again at the known domains. Contact adress for the time being is
Nov 6, 2001 Server move III - delay... unfortunately
As there hasn't happen anything until early this week, I called my provider and now it seems as if a server move could very well take 2 weeks. I therefore request a little more patience; the relaunch will (hopefully) be done early next week. At least I can promise now that it will be definitely worth a visit ;-) In the meantime, I put the disabled parts of the site online again, as I should be save of exceeding the traffic limit that early in the month.


related.gif (1403 Byte) What do you think of the recent updates on the Star Trek Dimension? In which projects would you like to see further extensions? Please submit your comments here.

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