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Season 2

021. The Homecoming Sept 25th, 1993 While Kira wants to rescue the war hero Li Nalas, the crew of DS9 is terrorized by "the Circle".
022. The Circle Oct 2nd, 1993

"The Circle" intends to take over the Bajoran government and expel the Federation.

023. The Siege Oct 9th, 1993

The Bajoran military forces supporting "The Circle" try to retake Deep Space Nine.

024. Invasive Procedures Oct 16th, 1993 47182.1

During a plasma storm, a Trill who wants to steal Dax' symbiont arrives on DS9.

025. Cardassians Oct 23rd, 1993 47177.2

The arrival of a Cardassian orphan with Bajoran foster parents leads to a political controversy.

026. Melora Oct 30th, 1993 47229.1

While Julian helps a handicapped female officer, he falls in love with her.

027. Rules of Acquisition Nov 6th, 1993

A Ferengi woman posing as Quark's male business partner falls for  him.

028. Necessary Evil Nov 13th, 1993 47282.5

A list exposes dark secrets from Odo's and Kira's past.

029. Second Sight Nov 20th, 1993 47329.4

On the forth anniversary of his wife, Cmd. Sisko falls in love with a mysterious woman.

030. Sanctuary Nov 27th, 1993 47391.2

Three million fugitives of the Skrrea arrive on DS9, asking for asylum on Bajor.

031. Rivals Jan 1st, 1994

When Quarks gets a rival in his business, coincidences become less coincidental on the station.

032. The Alternate Jan 8th, 1994 47391.7

Together with his "foster father" Mora Pola, Odo searches for his origins.

033. Armageddon Game Jan 29th, 1994

Seemingly, O'Brien and Bashir have been killed during an extermination procedure for biological weapons.

034. Whispers Feb 5th, 1994

When O'Brien returns from a mission, everybody treats him like a stranger.

035. Paradise Feb 12th, 1994 47573.1

On a planet, the survivors of a crash that happened 10 years ago are found.

036. Shadow Play Feb 19th, 1994 47603.3

Odo and Dax discover a village whose inhabitants seem to be holograms.

037. Playing God Feb 26th, 1994

A trill initiate is assigned to Jadzia, which has to test his suitability.

038. Profit Loss Mar 19th, 1994

Quark's love is reignited when he mets his former Cardassian lover again.

039. Blood Oath Mar 26th, 1994 Kor, Kang, Koloth and Jadzia Dax engage in a mission to kill the evil Albino.
040. The Maquis I Apr 23th, 1994

Members of the "Maquis", Federation outlaws, destroy a Cardassian freighter.

041. The Maquis II Apr 30th, 1994

Sisko tries to find Gul Dukat, who has been kidnapped by the Maquis, in the border colonies.

042. The Wire May 7th, 1994

An implant that causes pain in Garak's body discloses his true past.

043. Crossover May 15th, 1994 47891.1

Kira and Bashir are pulled to a parallel universe which is ruled by the evil Alliance.

044. The Collaborator May 21th, 1994

The candidate with the most chances in the upcoming Kai elections, Vedek Bareil, seems to be a collaborator.

045. Tribunal Jun 4th, 1994

On his way to Risa, O'Brien is imprisoned by the Cardassians, blamed to be a Maquis traitor.

046. The Jem'Hadar Jun 11th, 1994

Searching for the Dominion, Sisko and Quark are attacked by the Jem'Hadar in the Gamma Quadrant.

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