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Season 3

047. The Search I Sept 24th, 1994 48212.4

With the new USS Defiant, the crew searches for the founders of the Dominion.

048. The Search II Oct 1st, 1994

Kira and Odo discover the secret of the founders: they are shapeshifters.

049. The House of Quark Oct 8th, 1994

Quark has to marry Grilka after he spread the rumor that he killed her husband.

050. Equilibrium Oct 15th, 1994

In her dreams, Jadzia discovers the incredible truth that once a murder had been a Dax host.

051. Second Skin Oct 22nd, 1994

Kira awakes as a Cardassian and has to learn that she actually is a Cardassian agent.

052. The Abandoned Oct 29th, 1994

Odo tries to prevent a Jem'Hadar child from becoming violent.

053. Civil Defense Nov 5th, 1994

A mistakenly activated Cardassian program threatens the life of the crew.

054. Meridian Nov 12th, 1994 48423.2

On a planet which emerges only once every 60 years for a short time, Jadzia falls in love.

055. Defiant Nov 19th, 1994 48467.3

The Maquis Tom Riker steals the Defiant in order to disclose a Cardassian conspiracy.

056. Fascination Nov 26th, 1994

The latent emotions of the crew surface due to the telepathic disease of Lwaxana Troi.

057. Past Tense I Dec 31st, 1994 48481.2

When the transporter malfunctions, the Defiant crew is beamed to the Earth of 2024.

058. Past Tense II Jan 7th, 1995

In order to preserve the time line, Sisko has to pose as the leader of a rebellion.

059. Life Support Jan 28th, 1995 48498.4

Vedek Bareil sacrifices his life for the success of the peace negotiations with Cardassia.

060. Heart of Stone Feb 4th, 1995 48521.5

Odo reveals his love to the seemingly dying Kira who is captivated in a mysterious crystal.

061. Destiny Feb 11th, 1995 48543.2

The construction of a wormhole relais seems to fulfil an old prophecy of a major disaster.

062. Prophet Motive Feb 18th, 1995

The prophets change the greedy Nagus Zek to a generous benefactor.

063. Visionary Feb 25th, 1995

In visions, Chief O'Briens witnesses first his death and then the destruction of DS9.

064. Distant Voices Apr 8th, 1995

After the attack of telepath, Bashir fights to survive in his mind.

065. Through the Looking Glass Apr 15th, 1995

The mirror-O'Brien takes Sisko to the parallel universe so that he can kill Jennifer Sisko there.

066. Improbable Cause Apr 22th, 1995

An attempt on Garak's life leads Odo to a secret Romulan operation.

067. The Die is Cast Apr 29th, 1995

The Romulan and Cardassian fleets form an alliance in order to wipe out the founders.

068. Explorers May 6th, 1995

Sisko constructs a Bajoran light ship to prove an old legend.

069. Family Business May 13th, 1995

Quark faces ruin when his mother violates laws and makes profit.

070. Shakaar May 20th, 1995

Kira rejoins her old resistance cell to fight against Vedek Winn.

071. Facets Jun 10th, 1995

The personalities of the former hosts of Dax are transferred to Jadzia's friends.

072. The Adversary Jun 17th, 1995 48959.1

A shapeshifter tries to take over the Defiant in order to start a war.

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