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Season 4

073. The Way of the Warrior I Oct 2nd, 1995 49011.4 A huge Klingon fleet arrives at DS9, planning to attack Cardassia.
074. The Way of the Warrior II Oct 9th, 1995 With the Defiant intending to rescue of the Cardassian government, DS9 becomes a target of the Klingons.
075. The Visitor Oct 9th, 1995 In a far away future, the writer Jake Sisko tells a visitor how his father was killed decades ago.
076. Hippocratic Oath Oct 16th, 1995 49066.5 Bashir is forced by the Jem'Hadar to develop a cure for their intended drug addiction.
077. Indiscretion Oct 23rd, 1995 Kira and Gul Dukat go on a joint mission to find the lost Ravinok.
078. Rejoined Oct 30th, 1995 49195.5 Jadzia trifft die Partnerin eines früheren Wirts wieder - un verliebt sich erneut in sie.
079. Little Green Men Nov 6th, 1995 Quark, Rom and Nog land on the Earth of the year 1947, where they are arrested as alien intruders.
080. Starship Down Nov 13th, 1995 49263.5 Caught in the atmosphere of a gas giant, the Defiant fights against the Jem'Hadar.
081. The Sword of Kahless Nov 20th, 1995 Kor, Jadzia and Worf search for the legendary Sword of Kahless.
082. Our Man Bashir Nov 27th, 1995 Due to a transporter accident, the crew gets caught in Julien's secret agent holonovel.
083. Home Front Jan 1st, 1996 49170.6 After shapeshifters have launched an attack on an Earth diplomatic meeting, Sisko and Odo are called back to Earth.
084. Paradise Lost Jan 8th, 1996 Sisko fights an admiral who wants to establish a military dictatorship in order to protect Earth.
085. Crossfire Jan 29th, 1996 Odo has to experience how the relationship between Kira and Shakaar becomes closer and closer.
086. Return to Grace Feb 5th, 1996 Using Kira's help, Dukat tries to regain his former status on Cardassia.
087. Sons of Mogh Feb 12th, 1996 49556.2 Worf's brother Kurn arrives at the station, asking his brother to kill him because of the dishonor he brought to their family.
088. The Bar Association Feb 19th, 1996 Quark's employees do not bear their exploitation any longer and start a strike.
089. Accession Feb 26th, 1996 A famous Bajoran poet who disappeared 200 years ago is found, apparently being the real Emissary.
090. Rules of Engagement Apr 8th, 1996 Worf is accussed of having destroyed a civilian transport vessel during a battle.
091. Hard Time Apr 15th, 1996 Accused of espionage, O'Brien is convicted by the Agrathi to bear 20 years of simulated detainment.
092. Shattered Mirror Apr 22nd, 1996 Sisko is taken to the mirror universe again in order to command the mirror Defiant.
093. The Muse Apr 29th, 1996 While Odo supports the pregnant Lwaxana, Jake is abused by a muse.
094. For the Cause May 6th, 1996 Sisko discovers that his friend Kasidy Yates supports the Maquis.
095. To the Death May 13th, 1996 49004.2 The crew cooparates with the Dominion to track rebellious Jem'Hadar.
096. The Quickening May 20th, 1996 Dr. Bashir desparately tries to find a cure for deadly disease on a planet, with little success.
097. Body Parts Jun 10th, 1996 Believing in his impending death, Quark sells his body parts, but then doesn't die at all.
098. Broken Link Jun 17th, 1996 49962.4 Having killed a shapeshifter a year ago, Odo is convicted to become human by the Great Link.

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