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002. Parallax

Production number 103
Air date January 23rd, 1995
Director Kim Friedman
Teleplay Brannon Braga
Story Jim Trombetta
Stardate 48439.7
Aboard Voyager, there are still many important posts that are unoccupied, including the job of the chief engineer. Chakotay suggests B'Elanna Torres, a former member of the Maquis. Captain Janeway doesn't likes the idea since the half-Klingon woman has proven before that she's hot-tempered. Eventually, Voyager receives an emergency call from another ship that can't be identified. In the meantime, strange thinges happen aboard; the holographic doctor shrinks and many crew members suffer from head ache. With B'Elanna Torres' aid, Janeway soon finds the reason when they suceed in identifying the other vessel: it is a reflection of Voyager which is caught in a quantum singularity ...
Guest stars
Lt. Carey Josh Clark
Seska Martha Hackett
Jarvin Justin Williams

Interesting first episode that deals with a popular "real" scientific topic - the black holes - and describes the events and effects very graphically, even if not always correct. Beside this "science fiction", of course the characters also play an important role, since there motives and feelings are explained. The stories around the crew members, particulary of Lt. Torres, are cleverly combined with the consequences of the pilot: after all, Voyager is still 75000 ly away from home, many officers are dead and the Maquis has joined the crew.

Star Trek Facts
A type 4 quantum singularity is a spatially restricted distortion of the spacetime continuum  with a gravimetric current density of more than 200%.
The planet Illidaria is only 3 light years away from the quantum singularity which Voyager encounters. Its inhabitants are said to be friendly and have a high technological level.
The rift in the event horizon which Voyager intends to pass has a width of 120 meters, so that there is a scope of only 2 m on both sides. Thus, Voyager has a width of 116 meters.
Finally, B'Elanna Torres is promoted to chief engineer, although it should have been Lt. Carey according to the Starfleet protocol.

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