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Season 1

001. Caretaker Jan 22nd, 1995 48315.6

The USS Voyager is pulled to the Delta Quadrant by a powerful entity known as the Caretaker.

002. Parallax Jan 29th, 1995 48439.7

Voyager is caught in a quantum singularity.

003. Time and Again Feb 5th, 1995

Capt. Janeway and Tom travel to the past of an unknown planet, hours before its total destruction.

004. Phage Feb 12th, 1995 48532.4

The Vidiians steal Neelix' lungs, intending to use them for themselves.

005. The Cloud Feb 19th, 1995 48546.2

Voyager discovers a nebula full of needed raw material, but actually  it is a vast being living in space.

006. Eye of the Needle Feb 26th, 1995 48579.4

Voyager encounters a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant and contacts a Romulan scientist.

007. Ex Post Facto Mar 5th, 1995

Tom, who is in love with an alien woman, is unintentionally gets into a deadly conspiracy.

008. Emanations Mar 19th, 1995 48623.5

Harry travels to another dimension where he is said to be reborn.

009. Prime Factors Mar 26th, 1995 48642.5

The crew takes shore leave on a planet inhabited by apparently selfless aliens.

010. State of Flux Apr 16th, 1995 48658.2

Seska turns out to be a Cardassian spy and Kazon collaborator.

011. Heroes and Demons Apr 30rd, 1995 48693.2

The holographic doctor has to resuce Harry and Chakotay on his first away mission on the holo deck.

012. Cathexis May 7th, 1995 48734.2

After a shuttle mission, Chakotay falls into coma and Tuvok is possessed by a malicious being.

013. Faces May 14th, 1995 48784.2

The Vidiians kidnap and split  B'Elanna's DNA, leading to two similiar B'Elannas - a human and a Klingon one.

014. Jetrel May 21st, 1995 48832.1

The scientist responsible for the death of Neelix' family and millions of other Talaxians tries to rehabilitate himself.

015. Learning Curve May 28th, 1995 48846.5

Tuvok is comissioned to teach four insubordinate Maquis the rules of Starfleet.

016. Projections Sept 17th, 1995 48892.1

After an overload the doctor has hallucinations, making him believe he were a real human and Voyager a holographic simulation.

017. Elogium Sept 24th, 1995 48921.3

Due to a group of beings living in space Kes prematurely reaches the Elogium.

018. Twisted Oct 8th, 1995

Voyager is caught in a space anomaly which rearranges the internal structure of the ship.

019. The 37's Sept 3rd, 1995 48975.1

The crew discovers an automobile, an aircraft, and finally human beings from the 1937s.

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