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003. Time and Again

Production number 104
Air date January 30th, 1995
Director Les Landau
Teleplay Michael Piller and David Kemper
Story David Kemper
A powerful shockwave is detected in space, which seems to be originated from a nearby planetary system. When Voyager arrives there, a planet is discovered that was apparently devastated by a global catastrophe. While an away team is beamed to the surface in order to investigate, Kes has strange visions. She seems to know what happened on the planet. But also the away team soon finds out the truth: it discovers that the explosion which led to the destruction of the entire bioshere, including all inhabitants, was caused by a power plant that used polaric ions. Suddenly, Janeway and Paris are taken to the past of the planet through subspace fissures, one day before the armageddon ...
Guest stars
Makull Nicolas Surovy
Terla Joel Polis
Latika Brady Bluhm

Episode which sheds light on the topic environmental awareness and the dangers of technology for the first time since [TNG] The Force of Nature and Star Trek IV, while this time, of course the dangers of the nuclear fission are indirectly displayed. Although it is an interesting story with many scientific aspects, it is somehow annoying that the various temporal effects, the cause-effect-principle etc. have already been dealt with extensively in the previous episode [VOY]  Parallax. Although the focus is put on the drama of the time travel this time, first another type of episode would have been desirable.

Star Trek Facts
After the disastrous accident on Chaltok IV in 2268, tests for the power generation with polaric ions have been forbidden, since an ion generator of that type leads to an interplanetary, devastating shockwave and a chain reaction in subspace in case of a polaric explosion.

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