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Season 2

020. Initiations Sept 4th, 1995 49005.3

Intending to succeed in his initiation, a young Kazon tries to kill Chakotay.

021. Non Sequitur Sept 25th, 1995 49011.0

Kim travels through a temporal  current to the San Francisco of another reality.

022. Parturition Oct 9th, 1995 49068.5

On an away mission, Tom Paris and Neelix discover an alien baby,  bringing the two rivals together.

023. Persistence of Vision Oct 30th, 1995

A telepathic species captivates the crew in visions and dreams in order to capture Voyager.

024. Tattoo Nov 6th, 1995

On a planet Chakotay discovers a species akin to the Native Indians who once lived in North America.

025. Cold Fire Nov 13th, 1995 49164.8

The remains of the Caretaker lead Voyager to the array of the Female Caretaker, where thousand of Ocampa live.

026. Maneuvers Nov 20th, 1995 49208.5

With sending a fake Federation transmission, Seska and the Kazon try to set a trap for Voyager.

027. Resistance Nov 27th, 1995

A man of a suppressed species rescues Capt. Janeway from an ambush, believing she is his passed away daughter.

028. Prototype Jan 15th, 1996

B'Elanna Torres rescues a member of an android species and is forced to violate the Prime Directive, with dire consequences.

029. Alliances Jan 22th, 1996 49337.4

In alliance with the Trabe, Capt. Janeway tries to bring all Kazon sects together in a peace conference.

030. Treshold Jan 29th, 1996 49373.4

As the first human being, Tom Paris succeeds in travelling nearly  Warp 10.

031. Meld Feb 5th, 1996

Tuvok tries to find out why Betazoid Ensign Suder killed another crew member, apparently   without any motive.

032. Dreadnought Feb 12th, 1996 49447.0

B'Elanna has to fight against an intelligent computer of a dangerous missile she once programmed herself.

033. Death Wish Feb 19th, 1996 49301.2

In an asteroid the crew of Voyager discovers a captured Q who wants to die.

034. Lifesigns Feb 26th, 1996 49504.3

The doctor falls in love with the hologram of a seriously injured Vidiian woman.

035. Investigations Mar 13th, 1996 49485.2

Neelix investigates on the rumor that there is a traitor aboard Voyaer who secretly sends transmissions to the Kazon.

036. Deadlock Mar 18th, 1996 49548.7

By travelling through a space anomaly, Voyager and her crew are doubled.

037. Innocence Apr 8th, 1996 49578.2

After having crashed on the moon of a planet, Tuvok discovers three abandoned kids who are not what they seem to be.

038. The Thaw Apr 29th, 1996

An away team of Voyager gets into the clutches of a deadly computer program.

039. Tuvix May 6th, 1996 49655.2

Due to a transporter accident, Tuvok and Neelix are melt to a completely new person, Tuvix.

040. Resolutions May 13th, 1996 49690.1

Infected with a deadly disease, Janeway and Chakotay have leave Voyager and stay together on an idyllic planet.

041. Basics I May 20th, 1996

Having successfully set a trap for Voyager, Seska and the Kazon can finally capture Voyager.

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