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Season 3

042. Basics II Sept 4th, 1996 50032.7

Abandoned on a desolate planet, the crew has to face various dangers, while the Doctor and Suder try to recapture Voyager.

043. Flashback Sept 11th, 1996 50126.4

Tuvok experiences strange flashbacks, bringing him back to his first Starfleet mission on the USS Excelsior.

044. The Chute Sept 18th, 1996 50156.2

Tom Paris and Harry are condemned to imprisonment for life in a brutal space jail.

045. The Swarm Sept 25th, 1996 50252.3

Voyager travels through the territory of the Swarm, a very dangerous species, while the Doctor's life is threatened.

046. False Profits Oct 2nd, 1996 50074.3

On a planet two Ferengi are worshipped as gods by the native,  preindustrial species.

047. Remember Oct 9th, 1996 50203.1

B'Elanna experiences the reminiscences of a telepathic traveler, exposing the dire past of this species.

048. Sacred Ground Oct 30th, 1996 50063.1

In order to save Kes' life, Captain Janeway has to pass a life threatening ritual.

049. Future's End I Nov 6th, 1996

A Starfleet time ship from the 29th century brings Voyager back to the Earth of 1996.

050. Future's End II Nov 13th, 1996 50312.5

In the year 1996 the crew fights against the corrupt business man Henry Starling in order to save the past, present and future.

051. Warlord Nov 20th, 1996 50348.1

A dictatorial politician possesses Kes right before his death in order to recapture his home planet.

052. The Q and the Grey Nov 27th, 1996 50384.2

Q returns to Voyager, because the past events led to a civil war in the Q Continuum.

053. Macrocosm Dec 11th, 1996 50425.1

Captain Janeway fights against macro viruses that seized Voyager and her crew.

054. Fair Trade Jan 8th, 1997

Having asked his old friend Wixiban for help to get a map through the Nekrit expanse, Neelix becomes involved in an illegal trade.

055. Alter Ego Jan 15th, 1997 50460.3

Harry falls in love with a holographic girl aboard Voyager that is secretly controlled by an alien woman.

056. Coda Jan 29th, 1997 50518.2

Captain Janeway continuously dies after a shuttle mission and finally meets her dad in a presumed life after death.

057. Blood Fever Feb 5th, 1997 50537.2

Ensign Vorik experiences his Pon Farr, telepathically transmitting his erratic emotions to B'Elanna.

058. Unity Feb 12th, 1997 50614.2

Chakotay crash lands on a planet inhabited by deassimilated drones some of whom have linked together in a cooperative.

059. The Darkling Feb 19th, 1997 50693.2

Having extended his program by characteristics of famous people, a malicious reflection of the doctor emerges.

060. Rise Feb 26th, 1997

A number of artificially directed asteroids threatens the civilization of the Nezu.

061. Favorite Son Mar 19th, 1997 50589.1

Harry Kim learns that he wasn't born on Earth, but actually is a member of an alien species.

062. Before and After Apr 9th, 1997 50973

Kes awakes as a dying old woman and travels back in time, continuously becoming younger.

063. Real Life Apr 23rd, 1997 50836.2 The doctor creates a nearly perfect family on the holodeck.
064. Distant Origin Apr 30th, 1997 A Voth scientist has to defend his convictions that the Voth and the  human beings have the same origins.
065. Displaced May 7th, 1997 50912.4

The crew of Voyager is gradually replaced by a masked Nyrian  invasion army.

066. Worst Case Scenario May 14th, 1997 50953.4

Tuvok and Tom Paris experience a game of life and death in a holodeck program once altered by Seska.

067. Scorpion I May 21st, 1997 50984.3

Voyager reaches Borg space, which is invaded by the powerful Species 8472.

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