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Season 4

068. Scorpion II Sept 3rd, 1997 51003.7

Together, the crew of Voyager and the Borg fight against Species 8472.

069. The Gift Sept 10th, 1997

While Seven of Nine becomes more and more human, Kes'  increasing powers threaten Voyager and her crew.

070. Day of Honor Sept 17th, 1997

Stranded in space after a shuttle explosion, B'Elanna finally confesses her love to Tom.

071. Nemesis Sept 24th, 1997 51082.4

Deceived by the Vori, Chakotay supports this species in their fight against a seemingly inhuman enemy.

072. Revulsion Oct 1st, 1997 51086.2

On a rescue mission, the Doctor and B'Elanna are threatened by a instable hologram that killed the entire crew of his vessel.

073. The Raven Oct 8th, 1997

Seven flees from Voyager when she receives a Borg signal from the Raven, where she and her parents were assimilated 18 years ago.

074. Scientific Method Oct 29th, 1997 51244.3

Scientists invisible to the crew of Voyager run unethical experiments on them.

075. Year of Hell I Nov 5th, 1997 51268.4

Voyager is heavily damaged when she travels through the Krenim space, which constantly fluctuates due to temporal incursions of the Krenim Annorax.

076. Year of Hell II Nov 12th, 1997 51425.4

With the nearly destroyed Voyager, Janeway tries to stop Annorax and his weapon ship.

077. Random Thoughts Nov 19th, 1997 51367.2

During shore leave on a peaceful planet, B'Elanna is imprisoned by the Mari due to a random, violent thought.

078. Concerning Flight Nov 26th, 1997 51386.4

Together with the hologram Leonardo da Vinci, Captain Janeway tries to recover the stolen computer core of Voyager.

079. Mortal Coil Dec 17th, 1997 51449.2

Having been killed during an away mission, Neelix is revived by Seven, but he suffers from a serious psychological trauma.

080. Waking Moments Jan 14th, 1998 51471.3

Due to the influence of a permanently sleeping species, the crew members are locked up in their dreams, unable to awake.

081. Message in a Bottle Jan 21th, 1998

The doctor is transferred to a Starfleet vessel in the Alpha  Quadrant that has been captured by the Romulans.

082. Hunters Feb 11th, 1998 51501.4

While the crew receives letters from home through the alien relay station, the hostile Hirogens attack Voyager.

083. Prey Feb 18th, 1998 51652.3

Seven wants to hand over a wounded member of Species 8472 to the Hirogen that hunted it beforehand.

084. Retrospect Feb 25th, 1998 51679.4

Seven mistakenly accuses an arms dealer of having stolen some of her nanoprobes, with dire consequences.

085. The Killing Game I Mar 4th, 1998

The Hirogen capture Voyager and hunt the crew in a holographic simulation of the Second World War.

086. The Killing Game II Mar 4th, 1998 51715.2

The crew of Voyager succeeds in defeating the Hirogen and recapturing the ship.

087. Vis Vis Apr 8th, 1998 51762.4

Unnoticed, an alien being changes his body with those of various crew members.

088. The Omega Directive Apr 15th, 1998 51781.2

Captain Janeway tries to destroy the highly unstable and dangerous Omega molecule, while Seven wants to stabilize it by all means.

089. Unforgettable Apr 22nd, 1998 51813.4

Due to her unique physiology, Chakotay continuously forgets his romantic relationship to an alien woman.

090. Living Witness Apr 29th, 1998

700 years in the future, the doctor is reactivated in a simulation of Voyager, where he is accused to be a mass murderer, having served for a violent and cruel crew.

091. Demon May 6th, 1998

Searching for deuterium on a "Demon" class planet, Tom Paris and Harry Kim are doubled by a sentient silver fluid.

092. One May 13th, 1998 51929.3

In order to travel through a nebula with high radiation, the crew is put to stasis, leaving behind Seven, who has to deal with her loneliness.

093. Hope and Fear May 20th, 1998 51978.2

The crew finally succeeds in decoding the Starfleet message, learning of a vessel that could bring them home within only a few months.

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