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Dec 23rd, 2000 The Star Trek Dimension wishs you a merry christmas!
As an exclusive christmas present, the Star Trek Dimension offers you a extra-ordinary CGI desktop background especially created on this occasion, which is avaiable for free download on the frontpage in two screen resolutions (800x600 and 1024x768) up to Dec 31st, 2000.

This is the last update before the turn-of-the-millennium, but the Star Trek Dimension will present a still bigger surprise for its visitors in the traditional new-year-update.

Dec 16th, 2000 Further updates on episode guides
Continuing the revision of the ST:DS9 Guides, now the complete third season is avaiable in new layout. The update this week, however, is far more extensive: the content of all 72 files redesigned up to now has been reworked and corrected; the not yet avaiable last three episode files of season 3 have been created from the scratch and four missing episode pictures have been added. After a break of some weeks, the update will be continued in the new year with the revision and completion of the other seasons, including new reviews in season 6 and all new episode files for season 7. The ST:VOY Guide has been updated as well; a in-depth review of "The Voyager Conspiracy" and eight newly added season 7 episode files containing cast & crew information and first, exclusive background facts.
Dec 10th, 2000 New update of episode guides
Already a few days after the last update now the complete season 2 is avaiable in the ST:DS9 Guide with new design and layout, including the season overview. An extensive review on "One Small Step" you can access in the ST:VOY Guide, as well as the updated season 7 overview.
Dec 4th, 2000 Episode guides and publicity page updated
As a supplemental for the mega update, during the following weeks the ST:DS9 Guide will be adapted to the new layout and completed regards content, as well as partially translated to English (mainly the season overviews). The complete first season is already avaiable with new design and layout, as well as the corresponding season overview (now in both German and English). In the ST:VOY Guide, there are extensive background information on four more season 6 episodes as well as a review on "Dragon's Teeth". Moreover, the publicity page has been extended by the announcements of the last three months, and layout errors on all news page have been fixed.
Nov 23rd, 2000 Bug fix and extensions for mega update
Already three days after the big Star Trek Dimension update, I've got numerous mails and postings of visitors, which are excited over the news and updates, but also want to report some mistakes. Thanks for your help! All discovered missing or wrong text and picture links discovered up to this moment have now been corrected. Moreover, the special update page and this news page have been updated and extended by forgotten aspects. Expect further update extensions, like the complete translations on three information files, in a few weeks.
Nov 20th, 2000 Star Trek Dimension mega update: "Ready for the third millennium"
Prepared since early September, it is now - finally - online: the largest update of the Star Trek Dimension since spring 2000, which prepares the site for the third millennium. More than half of all files have been changed, and there are many extensions and updates concerning design and content. The mega update includes:
  • Easier and quicker navigation with the always visible, stylish Dimension bar and additional navigational bars in some projects.
  • More user comfort with comprehensive notes for the user and help where it is necessary. Many information files were completely rewritten, and a guestbook has been added where you can drop me your opinion in a quick and easy way.
  • The next generation of web design. Layout and design were considerably enhanced. All over the site, you will find new or improved images and logos, the front page was extended and a new design element has been added with the navigational bars.
  • Project update: the Media Library was completely redesigned and now contains unique new multimedia files, e.g. the extraordinary music from "Bride of Chaotica" and additional screenshots. New episode reviews in the guides, bug fixes and extensions in many projects complete the update.

    Still expect further highlights in the remaining weeks of this year!

A complete overview of the updates and changes you will find on this special update page.

Nov 4th, 2000 LCARS database and ST:VOY Guide updated
Two new species files have been added to the LCARS database, which both  contain awesome pictures and comprehensive texts on the Tellarites and the  Andorians, two Federation members introduced in the Original Series. Morevoer, the season 7 overview of ST:VOY Guide has been updated again and a new review on the forth episode of season 6 has been added.
Oct 28th, 2000 First reviews on season 6 episodes in ST:VOY Guide
The season 7 overview in the ST:VOY Guide has been updated and extensive reviews on the first three episodes of season 6 (in German) have been added. More reviews to come soon.
Oct 8th, 2000 ST:VOY Guide now includes complete sixth season.
In the ST:VOY Guide, you can now access individual files with photos and cast information for all episodes of the 6th season, as well as plot descriptions for nine mor files (VOY 128 -136, in German). Moreover, the season 6 and 7 overview have been updated by new facts and minipics, respectively.
Sept 30th, 2000 Big update of LCARS database / Preparation of mega update
In the LCARS database, the starship database with 16 up-to-date files containing new, phantastic pictures is now avaiable in English, as well as institution files for the Argus array, Armagosa observatory, Nekrit station and Lya Station Alpha. There are new overview files for the space institutions and the starship database with minipictures. Furthermore, new high-quality exterior views of the shuttles type 7 and 8 and the Delta Flyer have been added. Already since early September, a complete update of the Star Trek Dimension with enhanced layout and extensions in every single project is driven forward. Therefore, there will be only few and minor updates in the next weeks - but soon, an all the bigger one.
Sept 7th, 2000 Update on Investigating Trek and Web Dimension
The physics section of Investigating Trek has been expanded by a new article about subspace radio. The Web Dimension has been updated as well,  several new links and the new topic "Fun & Games" have been added. Finally, there are more new banner links in the community area.
Sept 2nd, 2000 ST:VOY Guide and community area updated
In the ST:VOY Guide, some facts on three new episodes of season 7 are avaiable. The community area now contains two new Star Trek Dimension banners plus the first banner links. The Star Trek Dimension has a new partner site: the German website Daily Trek. Moreover, thanks to Matthias Krackau for giving me his Star Trek Lives Award.
Aug 29th, 2000 Investigating Trek update / Community area added
The missing physics section has been added to the recently created Investigating Trek project, containing a new problem concerning communications. The community area now replaces the old feedback page, also including banner links to other Star Trek websites.
Aug 24th, 2000 Extensive new project "Investigating Trek" now on-line
The promised Investigating Trek is already on-line, replacing the old "Inconsistencies" report by a multi-page-project with a sophisticated design, many photos and - of course - many new problems which are described, explained and solved, if possible.
Aug 15th, 2000 Making of report completed / First facts on Voyager's 7th season
Finally, the Making of Star Trek Dimension report has been completed by lots of new stuff about the origins and the general design, as well as an entire new part about the development of the various Dimension "projects", with many new facts and never published photos. Moreover, in the ST:VOY Guide, the first facts about about four episodes of the seventh season of Star Trek: Voyager are avaiable now.
Aug 2nd, 2000 First birthday of Star Trek Dimension with many updates
Today is the first birthday of the Star Trek Dimension. One year ago on August 2nd, it was officially opened with the domain That has to be celebrated, and it will be celebrated with loads of surprises and big updates. For all english-speaking fans in the internet, and that should be the majority, today the domain is opened, so that access to the international version should be as easy as to the German one. The biggest surprise first: in the nick of time, the first free avaible, fully animated Windows version of the holodeck game Velocity with original sounds has been completed. A breath-taking fun, which can be downloaded now. A description is avaible in the new project "Star Trek Interactive". The first part of the exclusive Making Of Star Trek Dimension reveals everything about the creation of the Star Trek Dimension, the motives of the author and more - with many never shown pics! Finally, also the Star Trek: Voyager Guide is avaible in an English version and with new design. Some episode files, as well as up-to-date season overviews with pictures are already online.
Jul 29th, 2000 New species files (3)
Improved link window of the species database with mini pictures and a short description for every species. In addition, two new files with high-quality photos and extensive information on the Pakleds and the Katurians from Star Trek: Voyager, the species Naomi Wildman partly belongs to.
Jul 26th, 2000 New species files (2)
Extensive information on three species from Star Trek: Insurrection with unique high-quality photos: the Evora, the Ellora and the Tarlac.
Jul 23rd, 2000 New species files (1)
Everything about Species 8472 with unique full-shots. Furthermore, additional species files with rare pictures from the Saurians and Megarites, two species from the Star Trek feature films have been added.
Jul 22nd, 2000 First files of the species database / Improvement of class specifications
Everything about the alien parasites from [TNG] Conspiracy with never shown pictures and sound in the first file of the species database. Additionally, new high-quality exterior shots of three starship classes.
Jun 15th, 2000 New pictures and diagrams in the LCARS Database
The contents of several files have been heavily reworked or extended by new facts and pictures: Jupiter Station, Ba'ku planet and Briar Patch. The Javascript scroll function in the database for the Internet Explorer 4/5, which failed from time to time and then forced a reload of the frame, has been reprogrammed so that there can't be happen any errors anymore. Furthermore, 14 new sound files, mainly computer, technology and background effect from the Romulan Warbird have been added to the Media Library.
May 23rd, 2000 New pictures and diagrams in the LCARS Database
In terms of an extension of the class specifications, all 34 starship diagrams have been replaced by colored variants and 12 exterior views have been newly added. Moreover,  the former pictures of the Borg Unicomplex have been replaced by 7 new, more exciting high-quality views.
May 1st, 2000 Milestone update: completely revised, redesigned and extended Cartography
After a long break of some months, I finally managed it to translate the whole new German cartography project, which is already online since mid-February, into English. It took me several dozen hours to translate all files which now contain about 25,000 words, so I hope you appreciate my efforts. But I think the result was really worth the work: the whole Star Trek Cartography project has been restructed, revised and corrected, brought up to date (it now contains facts up to [VOY] Live Fast and Prosper) and extended by many chapters. All pictures were redesigned, and many new diagrams and photos were added. The design of the entire project was changed to the new Star Trek Dimension design and a new frontpage was created which resembles the main frontpage. Please read the cartography news for a complete list of all changes.
Remark: With the update, also the location of the Star Trek Cartography has changed: please update your bookmarks to the URL
Apr 20th, 2000 Extension of the Media Library
After the new section "Sound Effects" has been uploaded a month ago, I have now added the next 60 high-quality wave files to the Media Library, which mainly cover the topics "Computer" and "Technology" and have the main focus put on "Star Trek: Insurrection". The section "Backgrounds" with an extensive collection of background sounds from all series and the movies was newly added. Altogether, the sound effects library now contains more than 180 qualitative effects and will be further extended very soon.
Apr 9th, 2000 10000th visitor in the Star Trek Dimension
Today, the 10000th pageview was counted in the Star Trek Dimension. Cordial thanks to all people who have visited and supported the Dimension within the last 8 months! Read more about this event on the publicity page.
Apr 6th, 2000 Modifications on frontpage / Membership in Subspace Comms Network
The frontpage, which has been extensively reworked and divided into two frames at the beginning of the year, has now been further adapted, improved and extended. The graphical elements (Dimension logo, header of the several sections) have been slightly altered and improved. Two variable frames at the left-hand / right-hand side of the page facilitate a correct display of the page also at higher resolutions of more than 800x600. The section "Community" has been newly added; it contains links to my partner sites and the new Subspace Comms Network. The Star Trek Dimension belongs to this new web forum since early April. It is a common project of some of the best Star Trek sites in the internet, that you can visit as of now in order to exchange opinions about the various aspects of Star Trek. Moreover, in an own forum, you can leave your questions, ideas and wishes concerning the Dimension.
Mar 14th, 2000 Media Library reworked and extended by a sound effects library
One of the few remaining, not adapted projects, the Media Library, was now changed to the new color scheme of the Dimension. Moreover, the project was redesigned, reorganized and divided into sections. Beside the "Multimedia Themes", the section "Sound effects" has been newly added, which consists of 120 (!) sound effects from all series and movies, that have an incredible quality thanks to a sophisticated procedure for eliminating background noises.
Mar 12th, 2000 BIG update: 60 new class specifications in the LCARS database
After I haven't continued the translation of the German LCARS database (289 files) for months, I can now proudly present 60 new class specifications avaiable in the English LCARS Database, thus increasing the number of files from 26 to 86. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the great help of an Internet fellow, who provided me with the basic translations of the 35 new main files and saved me a lot of work. Galactic thanks!
Moreover, all class specifications have been reworked: English and German files now have a compatible scheme of filenames, and all files now include the automatic cross reference feature, allowing you to display files belonging together with just one click on the buttons on the left side of the LCARS screen. Furthermore, the photos have been improved and all diagrams have been recreated in a new design. With so many files in the English version, I finally decided that it would make sense to include the "A-Z" and "Search" features from the German version, so that you can now list the classes alphabetically and search for specific key words.
Mar 9th, 2000 New, uniform site design in nearly all projects
After the design of the frontpage has already been changed some weeks ago, now almost all other projects (except the Subspace Manual, the WYLB project, the episode guides and the files on the second server) and "About the Dimension" pages appear in the new color scheme, too, whereas numerous pictures have been improved or adapted. Therefore the Star Trek Dimension has now a standardized design, which should look nice as well as save the eyes while reading.
Feb 15th, 2000 Slight changes on frontpage design / Search function added
The design of the frontpage has been changed to a new, universal color scheme which will be used for all projects in the near future. Furthermore, a powerful site search function has been added to the frontpage, which you can use to quickly find the information you want. This service is provided by Vantagenet.
Jan 22th, 2000 Update of the Media Library and the Star Trek Cartography
The Media Library was enhanced by the new theme "The first mission" with exclusive material from the very first Star Trek episode "The Cage". Currently, you can download a video exclusively produced by the Star Trek Dimension including material from the whole 60-minute-plot of this milestone episode.
Furthermore, in the maps archive of the Star Trek Cartography, the already 4th version of the "Map of Local Space" with many new planets and outposts is now avaiable.
Jan 7th, 2000 The third Year 2000 Special
I've started the new project "Media Library", which should use the addional web space very extensively. Here you can find all kinds of media files - MPEG videos, MP3 files, scans and screenshots - collected in certain themes like the spectacular space battle in Star Trek: First Contact, which is currently avaiable.
This was the last update of the Year 2000 special and the frontpage will appear in the usual look in a few days.
Jan 2nd, 2000 The second Year 2000 Special
I've extended my web space and therefore I have now several dozens  megabytes of additional space for multimedia files on another server. Some of them are already avaiable in the new MP3 section of the Sound Dimension: 4 marvelous pieces of music from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and 4 exclusive Gene Roddenberry audio files with the truth about Trek and its content.
There is a surprise in the Star Trek Cartography, too. the Galactic Atlas with already two very extensive and detailed maps.
Jan 1st, 2000 Welcome to the year 2000 with an exclusive Dimension special!
Punctually at the very beginning of the year 2000, the announced special with many surprises is now avaiable. The frontpage will feature a special Year 2000 logo for some weeks and inform you in a special area about all special updates of the next days. Moreover, a new background sound was added, which will remain on the frontpage even after the special is over. Tomorrow, there will be more surprises.

News archive 2001

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