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August 20th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension in internet magazine Com!Online
Several times in sequence the Star Trek Dimension had more than 500 pageviews per day - not without reason, as I found out thanks to the hint of a visitor. In the newest issue (09/01) of the internet magazine Com!Online (the fifth most published German computer magazine), a short article in the section "Bookmarks" with screenshot and evaluation ("very good") informs the reader about the Star Trek Dimension. This is the first time that a more extensive report on this website is published in the traditional media, after the Dimension had appeared in the link list of the German ComputerBild.

Here is a translated version of the article:

"Humans and Vulcans, Klingons and Romulans, Cardassians and silicon-based lifeforms populate the Star Trek universe. The final frontier - logged by Webmaster in a mystic purple design. In several "projects", he collect for the fans everything a real Trekkie needs: episodeguides, background articles, pictures and sound files. He has turned his attention particularly to the episodes of "Voyager" and "Deep Space Nine". The guides contain hundreds of files with up-to-date, detailed information and reviews of the author. Time and again he takes a look behind the scenes and discloses inconsistencies of the complex Star Trek saga. One of the highlights is the LCARS database well-known among fans, which is based on the original design."

Open a larger, readable version by clicking on the screenshot. Also don't miss the label right to the screenshot; it implies there would be a larger collection of "GayTrek jokes" on this website ;-)

Jun 11th, 2001 Trekstation gives award to Star Trek Dimension
The Dimension has received the gold award of the German site Trekstation.

Sincere thanks to the webmaster Pascal Tillmans!

Jun 5th, 2001 Dimension receives gold award from Starfleet Databank
The German Star Trek Site has givent their gold award to the Star Trek Dimension.

Thanks to the webmaster!

May 4th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension "Website Of the Week" at Yahoo! Germany
[Yahoo! - Web Sites der Woche] Today, the probably most popular German internet portal Yahoo! features the Star Trek Dimension as Website Of the Week. According to Yahoo!, this award is given to useful, funny, unique and attractive internet services. The web editors explain their decision with the following, pretty comprehensive review of the Dimension:

"The final frontier - already at the times of Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, Star Trek was a legend.
You should take some time, because at his website, Webmaster offers almost everything a real Trekkie needs. In a multimedia-heavy, authentic layout, the visitor can find a great deal of facts, background reports, pictures and sound files.  He has turned his attention particularly to the episodes of "Voyager" and "Deep Space Nine". The author also takes a look behind the scenes. He tries to disclose the inconsistencies and problems regarding the real of fictitious sciences of the complex Star Trek saga, sheds some light on the reasons and offers solution proposals. One of the highlights is the LCARS database well-known among fans, which is based on the original design. The extensive project is completed by a free game simulating a phaser practise."

Mar 16th, 2001 New partner of Dimension: the TrekZone Network
Since today, the TrekZone Network is a partner website of the Star Trek Dimension. The TZN is one of the most popular German "Star Trek" news site. Here you will mainly find daily updated Star Trek news. Structured into 15 member sites the TrekZone offers in-depth and high quality content on almost all topics regarding Trek.
Feb 26th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension in ComputerBild 05/2001

In the newest issue (05/2001 from Feb 26th, 2001), the German magazine ComputerBild lists the Star Trek Dimension among the "100 most current internet adresses". This is (to my knowledge) the first time that this website is mentioned in the traditional media, after both Fireball and Yahoo! as popular Internet portals have featured the Dimension.

Feb 28th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension receives "Paris Nights" award
The Star Trek Dimension has been given the award of Paris Nights.

Sincere thanks to the webmistress Elli, especially for her extensive comment on the site:

"We got a new winner! Star Trek Dimension is a unique work of trek and webdesign. The content is creative and immense, and tackles many sides of trek. From DS9 to Voyager, from cartography to the mechanics, you can all find it here, together with link, pics, downloads and much more. The site is available in both English and German.  A must see for each trek fan.

It takes some time getting used to all the navigation symbols and I must admit, I was confused at first. But the site map explains all quite well, so you all can enjoy this page."

Feb 18th, 2001 Three reasons to celebrate: award of "Voyager Delights" received
The Star Trek News Site Voyager Delights has awarded its "Award of Excellence" to the Star Trek Dimension, for the "time and efforts put into the website". Many thanks to "Quie"!
#2: gives Dimension its year 2000 award
The German Star Trek Site "Starfleet Intelligence Agency" has given their "Year 2000 Platin Award" to the Dimension. This is the explanation of the webmaster of the site:

"We have the opinion that is a very extraordinary website, since topic-specific projects provide very in-depth, unique  information on the Star Trek universe. Moreover, the site has a very convincing and clear layout. The design seems to beam you right into the Star Trek universe, leaving you with the impression to be in the 24th century..."

Thanks alot!
And finally: Star Trek Dimension exceeds 40,000 pageviews
Again the day has come the Star Trek Dimension can celebrate a new round number of pageview: 40,000 since the counter was started in late August 1999. This anniversairy is so special because the new 10,000 hits have occurred in less than two and a half months, in contrast to 4 months for the last 10,000! This result was mainly possible because of the constant increase of daily pageviews since December 2000, up to 140 per day in this month. Many thanks to all visitors and webmasters who have contributed to the Dimension's success!
Feb 5th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension "Website Of The Day" at Yahoo! Germany
Today, the German search engine Yahoo! features the Star Trek Dimension as their Website Of The Day. Beside a link Yahoo! visitors find a short description on the according page:

"Star Trek Dimension - Graphically complex site dealing with the series and the technology. (in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror > Star Trek)"

With this mention, the Dimension finally gets a (meaningful) entry and a better position (among "Most popular websites" of the section Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror > Star Trek) in the well-known German index.
Therefore, it wasn't a surprise that the Dimension got the most pageviews up to this day: 414 according to Spacehits.

Jan 24th, 2001 Bravo Fleet RPG gives web design award to Star Trek Dimension
The largest Star Trek role play game in the internet has awarded their "Bravo Fleet Award" to the Star Trek Dimension. Sincere thanks to Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer!
Jan 22nd, 2001 Star Trek Dimension receives Cochrane Award
The Dimension has been decorated with the "Cochrane Award" of the Star Trek site Starfleet Supply. Thanks to webmaster Mike Riley!

Nov 27th, 2000 Star Trek Base decorates Star Trek Dimension
The German Star Trek website Star Trek Base has awarded their price in gold to the Star Trek Dimension. Many thanks to the webmaster Christian Dittrich!

Sept 24th, 2000 Star Trek Dimension receives Unimatrix 0-1 Award
The German Star Trek website Unimatrix 0-1 has decorated the Dimension with their award in gold. Thanks to the webmaster of the site!

Sept 9th, 2000 Star Trek Lives Award given to Star Trek Dimension
The Star Trek Dimension has been decorated by the German Star Trek website Star Trek Lives with their Star Trek Lives Ward.

Thanks to the webmaster Matthias Krackau!

Star Trek Lives Award
This site has been decorated with the
"Star Trek Lives Award" in August 2000!

Aug 2nd, 2000 1st birthday of Star Trek Dimension / 20,000 hits exceeded
Today is the birthday of the Star Trek Dimension. One year ago the website was launched at, and already about three years ago (September 1997) I've created the first pictures and texts for the Star Trek Dimension projects. This anniversary is celebrated with numerous updates and surprises - read more in the news. Here, however, I want to thank all those who have especially supported the Star Trek Dimension, helped with their suggestions and made the website more popular with their publicity during the last 12 months: Bernd Schneider of Ex Astris Scientia, Timo S. Saloniemi, Masao Okazaki, Lance Nutter of The Trekker, Sebastian Lorenz, Heribert Keßler, Andreas Kuempel of the Mc-Kinley-Station and, of course, Michael Seither of STVK & Daily Trek.
These days, the Star Trek Dimension has another reason for celebration: the 20,000. hit has been determined by the counter on the main page continuously working since August 8th, 1999 (20 days after the online launch of the site). That means that the Star Trek Dimension got 10,000 pageviews in only 4 months, in contrast to more than 7 months for the first 10,000 hits.
Apr 9th, 2000 10,000th visitor in the Star Trek Dimension
After only 7 months and 18 days, the 10,000th pageview has been counted today on the frontpage of the Star Trek Dimension. The counter had been established on August 22nd, 1999, about three weeks after the offical online launch of the Star Trek Dimension on August 2nd, 1999. I'ld like to use this major event as an opportunity to cordially thank all my visitor, especially those who gave support, advice, suggestions, but also critical remarks and drove forward the development of the Dimension how it looks today: Bernd Schneider, Lance Nutter, Timo S. Saloniemi, Masao Okazaki, Matt and many others. The "online life" of the Dimension having started 8 months ago as a quite extensive, but still a lot smaller and more theme-specific site (mainly as Star Trek database), it is now undoubtedly the more sophisticated and complex in its topics. Furthermore, at the beginning, the site was rather insignificant with less than a dozen hits per day, but in the meantime, the Dimension has nearly 70 pageviews per day on average and has therefore established in the World Wide Web as an technically orientated Star Trek website. Once again my thanks to all people who have supported the Dimension, and to the next 10,000 visitors!
Apr 2nd, 2000 Star Trek Dimension receives Sektion 31 Award

The German website Sektion 31 has given their award for the month of February to the Star Trek Dimension. Thanks to the webmaster, Benjamin Niermann!
Jan 21st, 2000 Corona newsletter #60 features Star Trek Dimension
The newest issue of the largest German Star Trek newsletter, the Corona Newsletter with over 8000 subscribers, contains an "WebWatcher" article about the Star Trek Dimension, introducing the website with the following evaluation:

"Die "Star Trek Dimension" ist eine Webseite, die qualitätsmäßig ganz oben mit dabei ist. Ein Blick lohnt sich also auf jeden Fall, denn es gibt in der "Dimension" wahrscheinlich nichts, was es nicht gibt." (source: Corona Newsletter #60)

Jan 11th, 2000 Star Trek Dimension among 5 finalists in the Millenial Trek Award competition
From over 400 Star Trek sites, together with 4 other sites the Star Trek Dimension has become a finalist in the Millenial Trek Award. An excerpt from the announcement at the coordination site of the competition:

"The time you've all been waiting for has finally come!

Here are the finalists for the Millennial Trek Award's grand prize:

The finalist sites most voted were nominated favouring those sites with more votes, higher cumulative rating, and greater number of unique voters. The site selected by the Coordinator's warrant is a site deemed by yours truly to be worthy of consideration, but has somehow not made site of the month, and is not well-known enough to have won the vote. I want to make sure and go through every site in award scheme, so that I know I haven't overlooked one. I will announce my decision as soon as possible here on the website."


Dec 5th, 1999 Star Trek Dimension recommended by the search index
The German search engine Fireball lists the Star Trek Dimension in the section "Art & Culture / Film & Cinema / Film" on the very top of a page with a recommendation. The description of the list item:

"Die Site ist ein absolutes Muss für alle Fans der Kultserie. Sie bietet neben einem tollen Design eine riesige Datenbank mit Infos über Personen, Schiffe und Equipment, außerdem Episodenguides, Sounddateien zum Download und vieles mehr." (source: Fireball)
Oct 9th, 1999 Ex Astris Excellentia Award received
The Star Trek Dimension has received the Ex Astris Excellentia Award for September 1999 from the website Ex Astris Scientia. Sincere thanks to the jury, who explains its decision with the following evaluation:
"This site is new on the web, yet, the author, Webmaster, has spent almost two years for research and preparation. The result is one of the most convincing Star Trek sites. Star Trek Dimension's database covers virtually everything you always wanted to know and even more - or have you ever heard of a Nesterowicz particle emitter? The information is embedded in a well-working, fast-loading and visually pleasing LCARS menu. In addition, the projects section offers several in-depth discussions of various Trek topics, by far exceeding a mere reproduction of known facts. Have a look at the Subspace Manual and Star Trek Cartography which succeed in assembling the puzzle pieces of canon info to a picture of the Star Trek Universe. We especially appreciate the balance between the richness of information and the graphical presentation throughout the whole site. Currently Star Trek Dimension is mostly written in German, but the author is frequently translating new sections to English. If you look for more than just Trek information, this site is highly recommended - once you have discovered it, you won't leave so soon." (source: Ex Astris Scientia)

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