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Dec 29, 2001 New publicity efforts
The Dimension is now part of the Real Trek 100 and Trekker's Guide indexes. Please take a moment and vote for me by clicking the links above or on the left side in the Community area.
Dec 24, 2001 Christmas special
Merry Christmas! You will find a few presents in the specials section of the Media Library ;)
Dec 21, 2001 Holiday time
The Star Trek Dimension wishes all visitors happy Christmas holidays!
Dec 16, 2001 Enterprise media update
Enterprise: 15 new high quality photos of the cast and the up to now aired episodes.
Dec 15, 2001 Further Web Dimension updates
Web Dimension: new links in the "news & spoilers" section and further design extensions.
Dec 14, 2001 New Enterprise wallpapers
Enterprise: two new wallpapers for both 800x600 and 1024x768, the official Enterprise arm patch reconstructed by the webmaster and the enterprise font now avaiable for download.
Dec 12, 2001 Technical problems
-Important note- as you may have discovered the URL does not work at the moment. Unfortunately, due to technical problems the reference of the URL to this place will not be working again before early next years, so that you should change your bookmarks to for the time being. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Dec 10, 2001 Web Dimension and LCARS database updated
Web Dimension: after a long time the two most important sections "News" and "Indexes" have been completely reworked regarding design and content; there are several new entries, descriptions and all new mini screenshots. Additions in the other sections are coming soon.
LCARS databank: the first Enterprise updates after eleven aired episodes - biographical files for Captain Archer and Hoshi Sato; technical information on the NX class and a peek at the bridge of Enterprise. Much more very soon!
Dec 1, 2001 Rick Sternbach interview (2)
A complete German translation of the Rick Sternbach interview is now available.
Nov 28, 2001 Special anniversairy
The Star Trek Dimension celebrates a very special anniversairy. It does not concern the website, however, but its creator and webmaster - today is his 20th birthday. ;-)
Nov 26, 2001 Rick Sternbach interview (1)
Bernd Schneider of my partner site EAS has held an extensive interview with Rick Sternbach, dealing with questions on starships, "Voyager", the new series "Enterprise" and the relationship with the writers.
Read it here at Dimension Today in full length.
Nov 18-24, 2001 Star Trek Dimension Relaunch
After the Dimension has been not accessible for most parts for one week and one day, and after more than three weeks in which the site could not be updated because of the server move, the site is back today and better than ever before. This website is now not only hosted by a new provider, resulting in more space and no traffic limits anymore. In a site-wide update - the most extensive one since 1 year -, the site was optimized, cleared from many errors, missing links and inconsistencies und equipped with new functions. Additionally, there are a number of content- and design-related updates and additions (as you can see already on this page), which strengthen the Dimension's status as one of the most sophisticated Trek sites in the internet. The changes in detail:

Site optimization:LCARS database system completely reworked, so that there shouldn't be any errors and missing links anymore. The multimedia files of the Cartography, Enterprise Companion, Utopia Planitia and ST Interactive are back on the main server. The sound effects library and music of the Media Library is finally completely online again, and content saved on other servers was reuploaded, if necessary. The relative links were reworked for a even more consistent site structure and better user handling; introduction of new "up" links on every page.

Design changes: Complete redesign of the projects page with lots of new, exciting graphic elements; design changes on frontpage and the navigation bar; redesign of Investigating Trek.

Updates: Introduction, FAQ, requirements and many other pages reworked; chronology of (German) LCARS database now with images; guest book back online; new author's page and search function; big update of Gag Trek and many new multimedia files in Enterprise Companion.

-Important- Naturally, a complete relaunch can result in some problems one hasn't thought of. As I can't look through several thousands of HTML pages online, I'd be glad if you report all potential errors to me.

Nov 10, 2001 Server move IV - in progress
The German site is already offline and will be relaunched next week. The international site is still partly online (though most parts are not accessible anymore), but will follow over the course of next week. After successful completion (by the end of next week at the latest), all parts of the Dimension will be avaiable again at the known domains. Contact adress for the time being is
Nov 6, 2001 Server move III - delay... unfortunately
As there hasn't happen anything until early this week, I called my provider and now it seems as if a server move could very well take 2 weeks. I therefore request a little more patience; the relaunch will (hopefully) be done early next week. At least I can promise now that it will be definitely worth a visit ;-) In the meantime, I put the disabled parts of the site online again, as I should be save of exceeding the traffic limit that early in the month.
Oct 29, 2001 Server move II - update on progress
I have received the confirmation and hope that the move will be done at the end of this week/early next week (if I have correctly interpreted the business language ;-) Please read the following message regarding the exact course of events and possible problems. As I don't want to exceed the traffic limit right at the end, I've taken some important parts of the site offline for the next days. They will be fully avaiable again after the relaunch.
Oct 25, 2001 Server move I - important information
Very soon, the Star Trek Dimension will move to a new server. This domain as well as the standard mail adresses will not work during the time of moving (at least 3 days); please send your mails only to then. After the successful relaunch, this website will be avaiable at the known domains and and with the old mail adresses again.. Means, for you, ultimately nothing will change. The exact date will be published here as soon as I know it; please allow me anyway to call your attention to this upcoming relocation already now.
Oct 24, 2001 Gene Roddenberry - in memoriam
gene.gif (13232 Byte)

Today, ten years ago, the creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry passed away in Santa Monica, CA. He devised a fictional world that has been built up in collective work within decades and is still advanced by numerous creative minds, but that ultimately is and always will be, in its essence as a categorically positive world worth living; a world of possibilities and ideas, his universe.

In memory of the "Great Bird of the Galaxy", the humanist and idealistic dreamer, the man who went to places of Science Fiction where no one had gone before.

Oct 20, 2001 Star Trek Cartography update
Cartography: Update of "Star Trek distance" compilation with all new figures and annotations!
Oct 13, 2001 New Enterprise wallpaper
Media Library: A very special high quality desktop wallpaper on Hoshi Sato ("Enterprise") is now avaiable.
"Hoshi Sato"
Oct 10, 2001 New screenshot archives in Media Library
Media Library: New high quality archives with altogether 300 shots from six Voyager season 7 episodes are now online; more to come very soon. Thanks to 'Wilson' for the additional webspace accounts!
Oct 5, 2001 Enterprise Guide updated
ENT Guide: the first complete episode file is online, dealing with this week's "Fight or Flight". Included are all the sections you might know from the VOY guide  - full cast & crew information, a review, quotes, the captain's log, database and background facts.
Oct 3, 2001 Specials celebrating the Enterprise launch III
Enterprise: I proudly present - my in-depth article on the Enterprise pilot "Broken Bow" that is extensive review, story analysis and assessment at once, complete with pictures, quotes, a view on the realization of the Enterprise premise, the depiction of the characters and the most blatant errors. Check it out if you've watched the episode or are simply curious - it's worth a look!
Sept 30, 2001 Specials celebrating the Enterprise launch II
ENT Guide: Update of the general overview and the season 1 episode overview; including exclusive first facts on "Terra Nova"!
Enterprise: now avaiable - the theme song lyrics, more than 130 screen shots from part 1 and quotes from the pilot. Coming up in a few days: an in-depth review of "Broken Bow".
Sept 26, 2001 Specials celebrating the Enterprise launch I
The new Star Trek series "Enterprise" has launched on Sept 26th! The Star Trek Dimension celebrates the premiere with various specials. Already online in the Enterprise Companion are - exclusively - the Enterprise theme song and the title sequence in pictures. More to come soon!
Sept 25, 2001 Multimedia update in Enterprise Companion
Enterprise: 9 exclusive images from the yesterday shown Canadian announcement trailer that revealed many new shots of the Enterprise!
Sept 24th, 2001 Update of Enterprise Companion and Guide
Enterprise: 35 new high quality images from the last published "Broken Bow" promotion trailers, including the first special effects shots; complete descriptions from the Enterprise "bible" added to cast page; new facts and back view of Enterprise on ship page
ENT Guide: Series overview and season 1 overview updated - now with short descriptions for 10 episodes!
Sept 23rd, 2001 Multimedia update in Enterprise Companion
Enterprise: Amazing new header pictures for most sections; extensive information on the cast; seven official "Broken Bow" photos; update of the general and pilot-related information
Sept 22nd, 2001 Media Library is back
Media Library: The pages are mostly back online; however, all audio files have to remain offline until I've found enough free webspace on another server. If somebody can help me in terms of that - please drop me a mail!
Sept 17th, 2001 Enterprise Update
Enterprise: Side diagram of the Enterprise added showing the underside of the vessel!
Sept 16th-18th, 2001 New Voyager desktop backgrounds
Media Library: A set of three exclusive highquality wallpapers with all important relationships of Star Trek: Voyager is now avaiable for download.
"Voyager friends 1"
"Voyager friends 2"
"Voyager friends 3"
Sept 11th-15th, 2001 The world mourns
The terror attack on America was an attack on humanity; an attack on all of us. The victims and their families have my deepest condolences.
Read all my thoughts from Sept 11th-15th on what has happened,
what should be done and what must be prevented by all means.
Sept 10th, 2001 Birthday update: Episode guide on the newest series "Enterprise"
ENT Guide: The guide for the brand new Trek series is now online. Now avaiable: a series overview and the season 1 overview with content information on already 9 episodes!
Sept 9th, 2001 Birthday update: TOS Guide reworked and translated
TOS Guide: All episode files of the first twos easons have been reworked again and are finally avaiable in an English language version.
Sept 8th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension birthday special covering the whole week
In these days, Star Trek celebrates its 35th birthday!

To celebrate this important event, there will be daily updates in the Star Trek Dimension for one week (until Sept 15th) with facts, articles and multimedia from three decades of the science fiction saga: exciting wallpapers, completely new episode guides on The Original Series and Enterprise, an extensive article on the Star Trek phenomenon withmany surprises and more!

This is already avaiable:

TOS Guide: After many days of work the all new guide with up to now 2 seasons and 55 epsiode guides is now avaiable. Don't miss the high quality photos which I have created especially for this guide by direct grabbing from the epsiodes and extensive digital enhancement. An English version will be avaiable in the next few days!

Sept 2nd, 2001 Media Library restructured and updated
Media Library: The section "Pictures" was split into three new pages, the new wallpapers were added and most files were moved to a new server so that they should be all now avaiable again.
Aug 31st, 2001 Enterprise cast photos added
Enterprise: The complete season 1 set of individual cast photos and group shots can now be downloaded from the cast page of the special!
Aug 29th, 2001 New exciting Enterprise wallpapers
Enterprise: Two further wallpapers with all new large-size cast images!
"Enterprise crew 2"
"Archer, Hoshi & T'Pol"
Aug 28th, 2001 Exclusive Image update in the Enterprise special
Enterprise: large-size views of the bridge, engineering, transporter and the corridors are now online. With these additions, now all images of the TV Guide Enterprise tour are avaiable - in the best quality in the net! Coming up: individual cast photos!
Aug 25th, 2001 New Enterprise section with wallpapers / Web tips of the month
Enterprise: new section "Multimedia" added, that grants quick access to the Enterprise wallpapers. Furthermore: new individual title pictures for two sections.
Dimension Today: Update of the up-to-date section as well as the web tip and review archives. Discoveries of the month are  System47 (Trek sites) and Futurama 3000 (general fan sites). Congratulations!
Aug 24th, 2001 Major update of News section / Enterprise wallpaper fixed
News: Finally, the Dimension news section, consisting of last updates, news archives and publicity, has been restructured, updated and expanded.
Enterprise: The new, gorgeous wallpaper has been reworked and is now avaiable in its final version.
Aug 21st, 2001 Request / Very special Enterprise wallpaper
Request to my American visitors: Who can provide me with high resolution scans of certain parts and pictures of the Enterprise special plus the covers of this week's TV Guide? Please contact me if you can help me. Thanks.
Enterprise: New interior pics of the Enterprise added. Plus: a breath-taking new wallpaper with the very first group shot of the crew!
"Enterprise Crew" (ENT)
Aug 20th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension featured in Com!Online
Publicity: The new issue of the German Com!Online internet magazine includes a short report on the Dimension! This is the first time a more extensive article on this website is published in the traditional media. Read everything about it on the publicity page.
Aug 18th, 2001 New Making of Star Trek Dimension now online!
Making of: Finally! After two weeks of investigating on the Dimension history, gathering fascinating studies, alternative graphics etc. and examining the entire design evolution from 1997 to today, now the first two chapers of the reworked background article with dozens of new pictures are avaiable in a first, German version. Due to the extent, it will take me some days to translate everything, but you can already have a short peek if you like.
Aug 15th, 2001 Internal information
In case you're wondering what I'm doing - I'm still working at the all new Making of which will reveal a whole bunch of new interesting aspects of the Dimension, depicting the entire fascinating design evolution. I hope that it'll be done by the end of the week at the latest.
Aug 8th, 2001 Birthday update #2
Enterprise: There are 12 new high resolution pictures from the third and another 12 shots from the up to now unpublished UPN affiliate trailer. Plus: information on pilot updated.
Aug 4th, 2001 Birthday update #1
Enterprise: The guide was completely reworked and split into 7 chapters due to its size. Moreover, there are 28 new high quality pictures from the newest 60 secnd trailer on the pilot "Broken Bow"!
Aug 2nd, 2001 Today, the Dimension celebrates the 2nd anniversairy of its online launch!
In view of this joyful event (read the webmaster's message), there are a number of surprises:
Survey: Determine the future of the Dimension by answering 10 questions!
Enterprise: The updated and expanded special on the upcoming  fifth Star Trek series, the "Enterprise Companion" with brand new information and exclusive stuff!
Media Library: The first five of some very special high-quality wallpapers from five series and 35 years of Star Trek, created by the author.
"Odd couple" (TOS)
"These are the voyages... I" (TNG)
"The Final Chapter" (DS9)
"Janeway and Chakotay" (VOY)
"Broken Bow" (ENT)
Frontpage: A completely redesigned logo with a computer generated padd, high quality graphics and - of course - the "Enterprise" captain!
Jul 31st, 2001 Announcement for the 2nd birthday of the Dimension
Dimension Today: On Aug 2nd, the Star Trek Dimension celebrates the second birthday! Expect many updates and surprises.
Jul 25th, 2001 Updated / German version on "Enterprise" column
Dimension Today: My new column "Time of changes" is now avaiable in an German version, while the original text has been slightly updated as well.
Jul 22nd, 2001 New special "Enterprise Companion" on the fifth series!
Enterprise: The "Enterprise Companion" offering you all known facts in a summarized, structured way - the facts, the background story, the ship, the cast, the pilot etc. - and including exclusive unique material on the series is now avaiable! Even more details and further extras will be avaiable in a few days.
Jul 20th, 2001 Dimension column #9 with another glimpse at "Enterprise"
Dimension Today: Back from vacation the updates of the next days will be mostly devoted to the new series:  today, I have finally finished a new column titled "Time of changes", dealing with the problems caused by the end of the "Next Generation Trek" and the (literal) beginning of a new time with "Enterprise". Coming up this weekend: a huge Enterprise special with many information and pictures!
Jul 8th, 2001 Special wallpaper in Media Library / Web tips July
Media Library: The breathtaking high quality wallpaper "Trek Raider" exclusively created by the webmaster is now avaiable in the resolutions 800x600 and 1024x768!
Dimension Today: The "Star Trek discoveries" of July are now avaiable: Maximum Defiant as Star Trek website and the Star Wars Database as general fan site. Congratulations!
Jul 7th, 2001 Updates in database and "Gag Trek" project
LCARS database: Incredible new pictures in high quality for the institutional file "Utopa Planitia Fleet Yards".
GagTrek: "Light bulbs" section and Simpsons picture collection extended; new subsection "Trek-o-rama" with Star Trek parodies in Futurama.
Jul 3rd, 2001 Translation and correction of biographical database
LCARS database: Finally! The major update on the biographical database is complete, 40 (!) files on the major characters of TNG, VOY and DS9 and more with high quality photos and data more up-to-date than the ST Encyclopedia and far more accurate than the official site bios are now accessible.
Jun 25th, 2001 New wallpapers in the Media Library
Media Library: 16 really breath-taking desktop backgrounds on "Life Line" and "11:59" are now avaiable for download in two resolutions!
Jun 24th, 2001 Update and expansion of LCARS biographical database
LCARS database: Major update in the German version; all biographical files have been reworked and new photos have been added; translation of all 38 files is in work and will be avaiable in a few days.
Jun 16th, 2001 New review in Voyager Guide
VOY Guide: After a longer interruption due to my recent articles on Enterprsie and the Voyager finale now a brand new review on a regular Voyager episode is avaiable - "The Haunting of Deck 12", as usual with extensive analysis, quotes and background facts! Updated as well: the series and season 7 overviews.
Dimension Today: Updates in the column and web tips archives.
Jun 11th, 2001 Another award for the Star Trek Dimension
Publicity: The Trekstation has given their gold award to the Dimension. Thanks!
Jun 10th, 2001 New "Endgame" facts and photos in Voyager special
VOY Legacy: 69 photos in top quality for "Endgame II" and a comprehensive synopsis for part 1 of the finale have been added!
Jun 5th, 2001 Update of "Voyager Legacy" special / New award for Dimension
VOY Legacy: An "Endgame" feature article with further information and lots of quotes from the finale is now online.
Publicity: The Dimension has received the gold award of Starfleet Databank. Thanks!
Jun 4th, 2001 Launch of the exclusive Voyager special with "Endgame" photos
VOY Legacy: The first parts of the large STD Voyager Special are avaiable now, e.g. exclusively 51 high quality photos from "Endgame". More coming soon.
Jun 3rd, 2001 Expansion / translation of Endgame review
Dimension Today: In the previous days, the most comprehensive review on "Endgame", complete with photos, quotes, impressions and more, has been corrected, adapted and expanded. Additionally, a German language edition has been created. However, that's only the beginning. Expect more information and pics on the finale up to tomorrow!
May 29th, 2001 Dimension column #8 with most extensive Endgame review!
Dimension Today: After three days of work it's finally complete - the perhaps most comprehensive review on Voyager's finale "Endgame" in the internet, with photos, quotes, impressions and more! It is a part of issue 8 of my column "The Star Trek Journey", and certainly worth a look!
May 25th, 2001 The Voyager Endgame has aired!

It was quite an odyssey, but now I've watched "Endgame" - and I am still blown away. However, there will be an in-depth review in a few days.

May 20th, 2001 New digital archives in the Media Library
Media Library: three breathtaking archives with altogether 190 pictures in unsurpassed digital tv quality on "Live Fast And Prosper", "Muse" and "Life Line".
May 18th, 2001 Expansion / Translation of new column
Dimension Today: I have expanded my new, extensive column "Enterprise - Quo Vadis" by some additional facts and pictures, and completed the German version.
If you're interested in the new series, check it out!
May 17th, 2001 Column #7 on the official confirmation of Enterprise
Dimension Today: Brand new! My new, in-depth column "Enterprise - Quo Vadis" deals with virtually everything that has been announced on the new series since last Friday, and tries to point out the chances and risks of the show.
May 11th, 2001 Today confirmed: The fifth Star Trek series is "Enterprise"!


Variety, Hollywood News Reporter and PR Wire have just published the official Paramount press release on series V. According to this, Scott Bakula, playing Capt. Jonathan Archer, takes the lead in "Enterprise". My congratulations. More on this in a few days with an extensive column.
May 7th, 2001 New review in Voyager Guide
VOY Guide: an extensive, in-depth review on "The Muse" has been added.
May 4th, 2001 Dimension at Yahoo! / News section updated
Publicity: the Star Trek Dimension is website of the week at Yahoo! Germany! Read more here.
News: the news and publicity pages have been updated.
May 1st, 2001 Updates in the Media Library and the Cartography
Media Library: three new episode archives in DigitalTV quality for "Counterpoint", "Latent Image" and "Good Shepherd" with the best screenshots you've ever seen!
Dimension Today: complete update with two new web tips, which are replaced weekly and published together with the award "Discovery Of The Week" from now on. 
April 29th, 2001 New maps in the Star Trek cartography
Exclusively in the Star Trek Dimension - in the maps archive of the Star Trek Cartography project you can now download the astrometrics chart with the route of Voyager from season 7, plus a high quality version of the Briar Patch map from "Star Trek: Insurrection"!
April 26th, 2001 On time with the most recent news: issue 6 of the STD column
The up to now most extensive issue of my column -  issue 6 "Revelations" - with my thoughts on all new facts and rumors regarding Star Trek X, the Voyager finale and the new series can now be read at Dimension Today! Please also read the recently published issue 5 with still more information on "Endgaem". From now on, the columns will be published every two weeks at the most, or in case of important events.
April 25th, 2001 New files in ST:VOY Guide complete season 7
The episode files on the last six files of season 7, from "Author, Author" to "Endgame", with the most recent cast & crew information has been added to the ST:VOY Guide today! With this latest update, seasons 6 and 7 are now completely avaiable. Plus: the season 7 overview as been updated and exclusive background facts on "Q2" and "Imperfection" have been added.
April 23rd, 2001 Finally: issue 5 of my column
With light years of delay the column of last week, issue 5, is now avaiable at Dimension Today.  "If you cannot stand the heat..." deals with the current rumors on the Voyager finale and asks, if these vague information is worth the fuss.
April 21st, 2001 Media Library update
In the Media Library, you can now download 21 (!) breath-taking wallpapers with scenes from "Star Trek: Voyager" for the first time, each with a size of 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels.
April 17th, 2001 New episode files
In the ST:VOY Guide, there are new episode files on "Gravity" and "Bliss"; the latter on with extensive review, background information and web references!
April 14th, 2001 Easter Dimension / Big update of VOY Guide
With a special "bunny logo" the Star Trek Dimension wishes you happy Easter!
ST:VOY Guide has been heavily updated: 11 new epsiode files on season 7 (up to "Q2") with photo and cast & crew information have been added; the season 7 and series overviews have been updated.
April 10th, 2001 Issue 4 of "The Star Trek Journey"
The most up-to-date and insightful issue 4 of my column "The Star Trek Dimension" is now avaiable - for the first time in the recently launched Dimension Today section. The new column with the title "The end of an era" focuses on the end of Voyager and its sets.
April 6th, 2001 New image archives in Media Library
In the Media Library, there are now new, extensive image archives in the usual unsurpassed DigitalTV quality on the ST:VOY episodes "Spirit Folk", "Ashes to Ashes" and "Icheb".
April 2nd, 2001 Big update: Dimension Today section now online
Finally completed - the daily updated section of the Star Trek Dimension at with extensive Star Trek News, provided by, an up-to-date Trek TV Guide for the US and Germany, the "Star Trek Journey" columns, the most recent reviews written by me and a webtip subsection. With the launch of Dimension Today, an according section has been added to the main page, including quick access to the Your Dimension forum. Due to a lack of time, the STD column is pre-empted this week, however, the German version of the previous issue 3 is now avaiable.
Update and extension of ST:VOY Guides / Aprilscherz
In the ST:VOY Guide, all seven season overviews have been reworked. Additionally, there are new episode files for "Latent Image" and "Bride of Chaotica!" plus background facts and reviews on "Ashes to Ashes" and "Bride of Chaotica!" (very comprehensive and with web references for the first time!).
Finally - you surely have already guessed it: the revelation of the "Series V" captain was - of course - an April Fool's joke, brought to you in cooperation with! Still, the "new" logo will remain online some more days.
April 1st, 2001 Official announcement of the Series V cast - exclusive update!
Already a few hours after the exclusive publication of the first official Paramount casting photo of Scott Bakula ("Quantum Leap"), who will be the "Series V" lead, I can present my extended Dimension logo showing all five captains! Moreover, new or updated information on the website and the author has been added to the FAQ.
Mar 25th, 2001 "The Star Trek Journey" issue 3 / Media Library update
Issue 3 of my column "The Star Trek Journey" with the most recent rumors on the last Voyager episodes, titled "Side glances", is now avaiable. Furthermore, unique shots from "The Collective" have been added to the Media Library.
Mar 24th, 2001 ST:VOY guide updates
In the ST:VOY Guide, there are now reviews and background facts on "Counterpoint" and "Spirit Folk", as well as further information on "Thirty Days".
Mar 20th, 2001 Issue 2 of "Star Trek Journey"
On the main page, you can now access issue 2 of my column "The Star Trek Journey", titled "Final(e) speculations". It deals with the most recent rumors and views regarding the series finale of "Star Trek: Voyager".
Mar 18th, 2001 Voyager review on "Collektive"
The ST:VOY Guide now offers an in-depth review and interesting background information on the episode "Collective".
Mar 16th, 2001 Big update on Media Library!
In the Media Library, you can now experience a new dimension of screenshots with the first 7 picture archives (18 MB) in photo-like digital tv quality! The world's best shots from Star Trek: Voyager episodes of seasons 5 and 6, with unsurpassed color and detail exactness and without any interferences or screen granulation, are exclusively avaiable only here in the Star Trek Dimension - and new ones will be added regularly.
Furthermore, the German TrekZone Network has become a partner site of the Star Trek Dimension. Check out the publicity page for further details.
Mar 12th, 2001 Premiere of "Your Dimension" board and "The Star Trek journey"
As the first component of the both daily and weekly updated feature "Dimension Today" (coming soon), from now on, I will publish a weekly column in the Star Trek Dimension dealing with current Star Trek topics: "The Star Trek journey". The first issue "True or false?" can be read here.
Moreover, with the opening of an own discussion board, another step has been made on the way to a more interactive portal site. Visit "
Your Dimension" to give feedback quickly & easily, to submit ideas or to ask questions!
Mar 11th, 2001 New episode file and review on "Thirty Days"
Since today, an all-new episode file with an extensive review on the episode "Thirty Days" can be viewed in the ST:VOY Guide.
Mar 7th, 2001 New episode file and review on "Nothing Human"
Finally, the review and background facts on "Nothing Human" is avaiable in the ST:VOY Guide.
Mar 4th, 2001 Voyager review on "Memorial"
For the episode that aired this week in Germany, "Memorial", an extensive review, quotes and a fascinating background report can be accessed in the  ST:VOY Guide.
Feb 28th, 2001 New Voyager review / Award won
In the ST:VOY Guide, an extremely comprehensive file on "Virtuoso", with in-depth review, background facts and - exclusively! - the lyrics for all songs of the episode, is now avaiable. Plus: update of the season 7 overview. Furthermore, the Star Trek Dimension has received yet another award. Read more on the publicity page.
Feb 26th, 2001 Star Trek Dimension in the "ComputerBild"
The current issue of the German magazine "ComputerBild" (05/01) lists the Dimension as one of 100 most recent and interesting links. Find out more on the publicity page.
Feb 18th, 2001 VOY:Guide update / Three reasons to celebrate
The ST:VOY Guide now contains an extensive review, background facts and more on the anniversairy episode "Timeless".
At the same time, Star Trek Dimension has three reasons to celebrate today - the website has received 2 awards and exceeded 40,000 pageviews. More on this on the publicity page.
Feb 14th, 2001 Voyager update in Star Trek Cartography
Only a few days after the first update, now further updates awaits you in the
Nur wenige Tage nach dem ersten Update warten jetzt weitere Neuerungen in der Star Trek Cartography: the chapter "Voyager's journey" has been updated and extended by facts from season 7, and the overview "The route of Voyager" is now avaiable in a revised version.
Feb 12th, 2001 Finally! Update on Star Trek Cartography
After many months  the Star Trek Cartography has been finally updated. The frontpage has been newly designed and now features an advanced, partly rendered project image; the new URL is:

Please update your bookmarks. Concerning the content, the resource file "Positions of the real stars" has been completely reworked; 4 new stars and deep sky object for the first time have been added, all figures are now much more precise and finally 6 exclusive star maps and an updated 3D view have been added. But this is only the beginning: in the next weeks and months, the Cartography will be extended by completely new, up-to-now missing chapters and, in the end, even a new Star Trek atlas!
Feb 11th, 2001 ST:VOY Guide updated
This week's update of the ST:VOY Guide contains a detailed review of "Once Upon A Time" plus an update of the season 7 overview, including minipics for the first 8 episodes. Moreover, the corresponding episode files have been extended by first photos.
Feb 4th, 2001 Season 5 update in ST:VOY Guide / News 2000 archived
In the ST:VOY Guide, there are now files avaiable for the next 5 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager's season 5, among them this week's repeat "In the Flesh" with detailed review and many background facts. Furthermore, all news messages of 2000 have been put into a separate archive which you can access via the text links below the header image. At the same time, the news of this year and the publicity news have been updated.
Jan 27th, 2001 New episode file in ST:VOY Guide / Awards for the Dimension
As announced, the first all new season 5 episode file is now avaiable in the ST:VOY Guide: the file on "Extreme Risk" features a high-quality photo, an in-depth, extensive review and many tidbits in several subsections (facts, quotes, logs, background etc.).
The first awards given to the Star Trek Dimension in the new year are from and Starfleet Supply. More on this you can read on the publicity page. At any rate, many thanks to the webmasters!
Jan 20th, 2001 Further updates in ST:VOY Guide
With the repeated airing of  season 5 in German television I get a second chance to write the mostly missing episode files of this season for the ST:VOY Guide - and they will be as extensive and detailed as the season 6 files were for the first time, i.e. with background facts and profound, up-to-date reviews! For the beginning, I have extended the sole already existing episode files on "Night" and "Drone" by new background information, quotes and Star Trek facts; the corresponding reviews have been updated and elaborated.
By the way: from now on, new season 5 episode files will be avaiable every week.
Jan 14th, 2001 Big update of Media Library: The Klingons come!
The section "music" of the Media Library has been extended by numerous audio files: 4 high-quality selections from Star Trek II and III plus 8 Klingon performances - from the Kahless Song to the Klingon Opera almost everything we've heard of this species in TNG, VOY and DS9 - wait for you! New files are also avaiable in the ST:VOY Guide: the review on "Fair Haven" is finally avaiable, as well as an updated version of the season 7 overview with new episode summaries.
Jan 6th, 2001 Media Library Update
In the Media Library, you can now download an extensive pictures archive with 55 carefully selected screenshots from the popular Classic Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles", which are of an unsurpassed image quality thanks to direct digital grabbing.
Jan 1st, 2001 The Star Trek Dimension wishs you a happy new year!
Celebrating the 21st century (of which new year 2001 is the first day), there is a special new year update: content and layout of the Utopia Planitia project have been completely reworked; numerous new models are described and shown in the graphically most advanced project of the Dimension and - as the highlight - there are six breath-taking new desktop backgrounds for free download!
Supplementally, the
ST:VOY Guide has been extended by an up-to-date review of "Blink of an Eye".

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